List of Uwe Rosenberg’s board games

top 10 uwe rosenbergs games

Hello, folks! This is BoardGameKing speaking. Today we’ll present you the list of Uwe Rosenberg games! Uwe Rosenberg has been interested in board game industry since his study in school. In 1997 he developed and published one the most well-known and successful games “Bohnanza”. In 2000 he founded his own company called Lookout Games. Also, Mr. Rosenberg is famous for the creation of innovative game mechanisms in economic settings. From this perspective, we can see such games as “Agricola” and “Le Havre”. Now, let’s see what games we have in our list of Uwe Rosenberg’s board games!

10. Bohnanza

2-7 Players • Ages 12+45 minutes to play

“Bohnanza” provides us a deck of cards with funny pictures of eleven different beans. Players need to plant them and sell to make profit. The thing is that players are only allowed to plant two or three types of beans at a time, but they can take beans of all kinds from the deck in a random way and trade with other players to become rich. “Bohnanza” is playable with three to five players and it takes about an hour to play it, though Rio Grande edition allows playing the two or seven players mode. The winner of the game is the person who has the most coins at the end.

9. Babel

2 Players • Ages 13+45-60 minutes to play

This game by Uwe Rosenberg has 2 players mode. “Babel” gives us a chance to play as one of the five powerful civilizations –Medes, Sumerians, Hitites, Persians or Assyrians. The game’s objective is to build the tallest temple or destroy the other player’s temple by all means. The gameplay itself is presented by cards. You will need to gather your cards in sets which will give you the opportunity to use skills. For example, you can rob the other player’s temple or even destroy it. These skills depend on the particular tribe. The game continues until one player has 15 points (temple levels) before the other one has at least 10 points. In this situation, first player wins, though if the other one has more than 10 points the game continues until one of them has 20 points.

8. At the Gates of Loyang

at the gates of loyang
1-4 Players • Ages 10+60-120 minutes to play

This is the first game of the famous harvest trilogy. In At the Gates of Loyang you will need to produce goods and sell them to your customers. Also, you can increase your income or production by using helpers which are presented by cards. Players take two of these cards each round. Moreover, you get one field together with these cards. Using goods you will need to fill the fields and each round you will need to harvest one field. At the turn’s end you can invest money on a scoring track. The sooner you do this, the better will be the victory conditions!

7. A Feast for Odin

a feast for odin
1-4 Players • Ages 12+100-120 minutes to play

“A Feast for Odin” is the Uwe Rosenberg new game which has very much similar mechanics to “Agricola” or “Le Havre”. It means that you will need to produce goods, feed your people, increase your economics and etc. This game is played by 1-4 players and there are 100 or 120 minutes of a breathtaking gameplay. There are a lot of cards which indicate the ships, cows, sheep and etc. You will need to place them on the board where there are negative points (-1) and cover them as much as you possibly can. Also, there is a good leaflet which will help you to move according to the round order. Watch the Double Trouble review to get more information.

6. Glass Road

glass road
1-4 Players • Ages 13+75 minutes to play

“The Glass Road” is the game dedicated to a long path in the Bavarian forest near the Czech Republic border. And, of course, you will need to produce glass! Also, you’re going to make bricks and collect wood and clay to develop your buildings. Your buildings determine the final score which is crucial for winning or losing the game. To make this possible, you will need a lot of specialists. When you choose your specialists you will have to guess which of them the other players will choose. This will provide the best results and performance of your specialists. The game ends after 4 building periods. The player with the biggest score wins. In case of a tie, there can be more than one winner.

5. Ora et Labora

Ora et Labora
1-4 Players • Ages 13+60-180 minutes to play

In “Ora et Labora” you will need to build and control your own monastery. The game’s goal is to build the infrastructure and manufacture which will craft luxury items like as books, ceramics, ornaments and relics. This will bring you a lot of victory points at the game’s end. The game mechanic is quite similar to “Le Havre” with two-sided resource tiles. You can upgrade them in order make something more capable from them. “Ora et Labora” has a numbered rondel which shows the available resources. Each player has his personal board and to win the game, you will need to develop your buildings thoroughly on this board.

4. Patchwork

2 Players • Ages 8+15-30 minutes to play

Here is another 2 player game where you will need to craft the most astonishing and high-scoring patchwork quilt on your personal 9×9 game board. Each player has five buttons which are presented like points in the game. Each turn players can purchase one out of three patches. To purchase it you should pay the cost in buttons pointed on the patch. Each player gets one point for the button he has and loses two points for each empty square on the game board. Note, that the scores can be negative. The player with the most points is the winner. Also, you can play this game as an app via Itunes.

3. Le Havre

Le Havre
1-5 Players • Ages 12+100-200 minutes to play

“Le Havre” has the same old goods production and trading setting and it is the part of the harvest trilogy. To become rich and successful you will need to build the buildings and upgrade goods. Then, you should sell your goods or use them to build the buildings and ships. Buildings can be as an investment or revenue. Mainly, ships are used to deliver food to feed the workers. At the end of the seven turns the round is completed. Players’ cattle and grain can be multiplied through Harvest and players need to feed their workers. When the certain number of rounds ends each player carries out one final action and the game ends.

2. Caverna

Caverna : The Cave Farmers Box Cover
1-7 Players • Ages 12+30-210 minutes to play

Caverna is a game of worker-placement genre at heart, which is focusing on farming. You take the role of a small dwarf family leader and you live in a little cave in the mountains. Each family member has his (or her) own set of actions and together, you develop the forest near your cave and dig into the mountain deeper and deeper. While digging, you can find some water sources and find ore and ruby mines that will provide your prosperity. Moreover, you can be wealthier with agriculture – cutting down the forest to make fields and so on. The wealthiest player wins the game.

1. Agricola

1-5 Players • Ages 12+30-150 minutes to play

Now, it’s time for the Uwe Rosenberg’s game! This is the last game in the harvest trilogy. In “Agricola” you take the role of a farmer and your spouse. Each turn you take only two actions – one is yours and one is your spouse’s. There are a lot of possibilities – you can collect a clay, wood, or stone, build fences and etc. To get more work done, you will need kids but first you need to expand your house. Don’t forget, that you will need to feed all these little bastards!

So, here we have the best Uwe Rosenberg games and we hope you like it! Feel free to suggest the games that you like. We need your voices! Have a nice day and happy September!