Top 10 Board Games Based on TV Series and Movies

Top 10 Board Games Based on TV Series and Movies

A hard week needs a proper rest! How about watching a new TV-series or movie with your friends or family? Yes, it’s quite a good idea but what about a board games about tv shows? There are a lot of them and we have our new best movie board games list for you. We gathered the best of them to make your free time more fun and exciting! Let’s see what we’ve got for you.

10) Monty Python Fluxx

monthy python fluxx
2-6 Players • Ages 13+40 minutes to play

Number 10 in our list is a well known Fluxx board gane themed in Monty Python style. Can you imagine, what’s going to happen if we combine the Fluxx chaos and the insanity of Monty Python world? Sure, this is going to be marvelous!
First of all, players take three cards and each turn a player can draw one card and then play one card. This allows you to bring new rules into the gameplay which changes some of the game aspects: how many cards you can draw or play, how many cards you can keep in your hand or leave them on the table in front of you and etc. The card set shows us Holy Grail with and a lot of stuff from Flying Circus and other Monty Python series.

9) Doctor Who: Solitaire Story Game

doctor who solitaire story game
1 Players • Ages 11+45 minutes to play
“Doctor Who” is one of the most popular TV-series ever! The great thing for fans that it has an adventure solitaire game where players can become the Doctor who is the intrepid Time Lord himself!
The game was developed by SC Games which is a fan-based group. It creates unofficial games based on the different stories just to bring them for people. As for the Doctor Who: Solitaire Story Game, all characters, logos and trade mark of ‘Doctor Who’ are BBC copyright used without permission.
You can download the game in PDF format. Moreover, this game is available via Yahoo Group, where you can consult about new rules and expansions. They are updating 24/7. Also, feel free to give any feedback or ask any questions.

8) Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem

sons of anarchy men of mayhem
3-4 Players • Ages 13+60 minutes to play
Bad guys are always attractive even if they’re doing insane things. Number 8 on our list of board games with movie themes is the game called “Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem” based on one of the most famous TV-series about biker gang wars.
In this game, players walk in shoes of rival gangs to take over the territories, develop contraband business and get the money from illegal activities. Each turn gangs will need to control different areas by establishing gang members and resources to claim. Also, you will need to defend and fight for money, contraband and weapons.
Of course, other players have their right to challenge the right for territories and it can become a serious conflict! There are a lot of variants like negotiating, threatening and allying with rival biker gangs. Choose whatever you like, but beware of the knife in your back all the time!
To survive in this game, you need to make and break alliances. The winner is the only the gang which managed to gain the most money at the end of six rounds.

7) Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery

spartacus a game of blood treachery
3-4 Players • Ages 17+150 minutes to play
“Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery”, will guide you to an exciting game of twisted intrigues and cruel battles of the Ancient Rome!
Inspired by the hit called STARZ Original series, “Spartacus” leads us player to the role of Dominus, who is in charge of a rising house in Capua, the ancient Roman city.
Each house is trying to get some Influence to gain the Rome’s favor.
To rise and to gain fame, you will get through a bunch of political entanglements and bloody battles on the great arena sands. As Dominus, you have a lot of resources that you can use. Guards will fight anyone who tries to kill you, slaves will take care of your household and earn gold and glorious gladiators will compete to bring fame to themselves and influence to the Dominus.

6) A Game Of Thrones

3-6 Players • Ages 14+120-240 minutes to play
Now it’s time for the most complex and greatest story of all times by George R.R. Martin which has boardgame setting. Number 6 is “A Game of Thrones” which is one of the most recognizable movie related board games ever!
King Robert Baratheon is rest in peace and it’s time for the lands of Westeros to prepare for battle.
A Game of Thrones: The Board Game suggests three to six players to choose one of the great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and then you will need to control the Iron Throne by using diplomacy or warfare.
To begin the struggle for the Iron Throne, each player gets an army consists of Footman, Knight, Siege Engin, and Ship units and a set of Order tokens and other useful stuff. Moreover, each player also gets a House Cards deck, that can be used as leaders in battles against hostile Houses.

5) Ghostbusters: The Board Game

1-4 Players • Ages 15+30-120 minutes to play

It’s time to move to our top 5 of tv themed board games with “Ghostbusters: The Board Game”!
Have you noticed any disturbing sounds in your apartment in the midnight? Are you afraid of dark powers chasing you or maybe you’ve seen a ghost? If it’s true, it’s time to pick up the phone and call the professionals!
In“Ghostbusters: The Board Game” one to four players are charged with eliminating ghosts to bring them back into Spirit World. Players can choose one of the four Ghostbusters original character figures like Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore or Ray Stantz. Then it’s time to choose a scenario which can from 30 minutes to 2 hours. It depends on the difficulty level.
Each of Ghostbusters has unique powers and characteristics that can help out the entire team. The more ghosts you eliminate, the more experience you can gain.

4) Adventure Time Card Wars

adventure time card wars finn vs jake
2 Players • Ages 10+30 minutes to play
Now it’s time for some creative and quite insane stuff because our Number 4 is Adventure Time Card Wars!
It is the most epic card game ever played in the Land of Ooo, or anywhere else! So, Jake asks Finn to play a trading card game which is his favorite one. Finn agrees, without paying attention to Beemo warnings about how Jake can be competitve while playing that game and now it’s time to clarify who’s the Dweeb and who’s the Cool Guy!
This game is great news for fans of the original cartoon and they can play the Card Wars game with all of the actions which take place in four combat lanes. It’s worth mentioning that the deck design is an original too, so this could be one of the best cartoon card games!

3) Battlestar Galactica

battlestar galactica
3-6 Players • Ages 10+120-240 minutes to play

Finally, we’ve got to our top 3 of board games for movie fans! Our Number 3 is Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game!
In this game, you will find a lot of intrigues and mistrust and you will need to survive.
This game is based on the Battlestar Galactica sci-fi series and it brings players in the role of one of their cherished characters from the show. Each character has its own abilities and drawbacks and only team work will bring the hope to the survival of humanity.
But beware because there is a rat in your squad! One of the players serves to Cylons. Players need to find out who’s the traitor before their fleet is completely destroyed! So, it’s about working together or die. What would you choose?

2) Star Wars: Rebellion

star wars rebellion
2-4 Players • Ages 14+180-240 minutes to play

Of course, this game is a must have in the top of board games for movie lovers because it’s about the Star Wars universe! Meet our Number 2 – “Star Wars: Rebellion”! May the Force be with you!
The Galactic Civil War is on full-scale like it’s never been before. You can control the entire Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance. You will need to command starships, plan your troop maneuvers and so on. The difference between the Empire and Rebel Alliance is their win conditions. It’s important to adjust your play style which depends on who you are.
For example, Imperial player can command legions of Stormtroopers, TIEs, Star Destroyers and the Death Star itself. You are feared by the galaxy inhabitants and you rely on the power of your massive war machine. To win, you need to find out the Rebel Alliance base and destroy it!

1) Firefly: Board Game

firefly the game
1-5 Players • Ages 13+120-240 minutes to play

We’ve been waiting for it for a long time! It’s the first position of our top 10 board games for movie fans which is called the “Firefly: The Game”!
The game is based on the popular Firefly television series by Joss Whedon. Players command the Firefly-class transport ship and they are travelling across the universe with the help of crew, mechanics and other ship staff.
First of all, players have a ship and they travel in space from one planet to another and hire crew. Also, it’s possible to purchase ship upgrades and pick up cargo and etc. Some of the crew members and cargo are not legal and they can be easily deployed from your ship if you have an alliance vessel on board.
So, that game is perfect for the team playing because everything depends on the cooperative actions of your crewmembers. This is the last chance for you to save the Galaxy! Step on it!

So, folks, it was our top 10 of board games for movie fans. We are pretty sure that it’s only based on our experience and feelings, so you can suggest your own board game movie list, feel free to do it and we will add your board games to our top! Have a good week and take care of yourselves! Sincerely yours, BoardGameKing.