Top 10 Risk Board Games

top 10 risk board games

Risk is ubiquitous in all spheres of life and risk management is something that we must all take up, whether we are driving a car or simply cooking food. Same with the Risk board games; a delectable combination of strategy, negotiation, and luck, this series captivates the attention of one and all and lets you understand when to take calculated risks. Simple enough to teach anyone, yet complex enough to satisfy more hardcore gamers, there’s no other game series that matches its mastery.

There are tons of various versions of this popular series including a few spin-offs of popular TV and movie franchises. In this post, I have compiled a list of 10 of my most favorite Risk games and have ranked them in the order from number 10 to number 1. Furthermore, I will be elaborating on some of the main features and also shed some light on the gameplay as well. So gather up a few friends, crack open a few drinks, and spend a night tossing around some dice. Come take a risk and try it out!

10. Castle Risk

castle risk
2-6 Players • Ages 10+120 minutes to play

Castle Risk is a Faster-Paced and more Interactive version of Risk and takes place only in Europe, instead of the whole world. Every player is assigned a castle on the board and the mission is to take over and conquer all castles. This means you don’t have to worry about destroying every colony and army on the board a player has, in order to defeat them. It also introduces exclusive cards such as the Spy, General, Marshall, Diplomat and Admiral which add a great mix. Besides players receive armies at the end of the turn, not the beginning except for recruitment cards which help add a unique twist to the gameplay.

9. Risk: Edition Napoléon

risk edition napoleon
2-5 Players • Ages 10+120 minutes to play

Relive all the great campaigns of Napoleon in this exceptional version of the greatest game of conquest published by Tilsit exclusively in France. There are two sets of rules, standard and advanced, which lets you preside over the destinies of France, Austria, England, Russia and Prussia. Besides that, there’s a historical campaign mode consisting of a sequence of historical scenarios of the emperor, each of which builds on the preceding scenario. There are set objectives allocated to each era and every player who manages to achieve these targets gets them victory points. The game ends in the evening of Waterloo.

8. Risk Express

risk express
2-6 Players • Ages 8+20 minutes to play

Risk Express is a quick-playing game of conquest which comes now in a compact pack you can take anywhere. The concept remains the same where you throw dice to conquer countries and eventually continents which are represented by the fourteen disks, laid out at the start of the game. Each card is representative of a continent and some continents can even have up to 4 cards. Once you have won a country ,opponents can steal your cards as you attempt to take over a continent. The game ends when the last card is claimed and there’s no scope for continuity as compared to other Risk games; hence the name Risk Express.

7. Risk: Game of Thrones

2-7 Players • Ages 18+120-240 minutes to play

Based on the epic HBO series, Risk: Game of Thrones, features two ways to play; first one involves a multiplayer game using the Westeros map or both Essos and Westeros maps if you have lots of players. The game progresses in a less-traditional Risk fashion and more GOT manner using cards and gold. The second way to play is via a two-player version where you can opt for House Targaryen or the Ghiscari slavers and clash it out for control of Essos. The crux of the game remains the same with the same dice-play, based on territories and regions controlled. However, there are quite a few new elements incorporated that adds a fun bit of strategy to it alone with 4 familiar characters that represent the house you choose.

6. Risk (Revised Edition)

risk revised edition
3-5 Players • Ages 10+90 minutes to play

Hasbro has listened to the comments and criticisms of the original game, and have come up with a revamped and renewed version of the classic Risk with brand new graphics and components. There are three rule sets: Basic Training, Command Room and World Conquest and the game is based on missions – major and minor missions. There are some fun rewards to be earned for winning major missions owing to a revision in the type of missions. This coupled with the introduction of new cities and capitals have truly reinvigorated the game. Games don’t exceed 3 turns and get done within a couple of hours of gameplay. The game ends when the first person successfully cracks three missions. All these new innovations and additions help give the game, a fun element, and a dynamic feel while preserving the spirit of the original.

5. Risk: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition

risk the lord of the rings trilogy edition
2-4 Players • Ages 9+180 minutes to play

This special edition game of Risk transports you back to the middle earth where the battle for the mystical One Ring is about to kick off. The forces of darkness are assembling in Mordor while defenses are being prepared in Gondor, to wage an epic battled that could spell the end of Middle-earth. Based on the awe-inspiring battles depicted in the Lord of the Rings, you can choose whether to represent good or evil forces and lead them into battle with intricately crafted pawn pieces which represent the iconic characters. You can finally wrap yourself up in the Tolkien world with this game while still feeling like you’re playing the original Risk that you’re all so familiar with.

4. Risk: Star Wars Original Trilogy Edition

risk star wars edition
2-5 Players • Ages 10+120 minutes to play

Get immersed in the world of star wars and choose any of the three factions, Rebels, Hutts, or the Empire with differing goals and intricate strategies for one ultimate goal; the battle for total galaxy domination. Choose iconic players like Luke Skywalker and blow away the empire or choose Darth Vader and the death star to terrorize the rebel forces. Cards keep game changing constantly which helps add a great variety to the gameplay. The gorgeously sculpted board brings to life the Star Wars mythology and the cards, death-stars, unique ships and emperor tokens add a dramatic new angle to the classic Risk game.

3. Risk: 2210 A.D.

risk 2210 ad
2-5 Players • Ages 10+240 minutes to play

Risk 2210 Ad teleports you to the future where the planet has been obliterated by nuclear wars and mankind have expanded to the moon and to undersea colonies. Your army comprises of mechanical units called MODS, instead of humans, but is still commanded by humans who have special abilities and dazzling powers. There is much more strategy required in this version and the thought of being able to colonize the moon and head an invasion from there will surely thrill risk fans. Unlike other Risk games, though, the game gives you five turns to plan and enact your winning strategy, and whoever is the major landholder at the end of these turns wins. This in hindsight is a good limitation, as the games otherwise, could go on for entire nights if there’s no cap on the number of moves.

2. Risk: Godstorm

risk godstorm
2-5 Players • Ages 10+120 minutes to play

Enter a time of myths and legends and face the gods of ancient mythology in a battle for the ages. Risk Godstorm lets you choose amongst 5 thriving civilizations: Norse, Greek, Egyptian, Celtic and Babylonian in addition to 4 powerful gods of Magic, Death, Sky, and War to deliver earth and the underworld from the hands of the enemy. Harness spiritual forces and unleash them on this beautifully illustrated, full-color map board of the ancient Earth and a secondary board of the mythological underworld in a continent-spanning battle that will determine whose civilization ultimately reigns supreme while evoking the mystery and lure of the ancient world. This game is simply breathtaking with its layout and gorgeously crafted pieces.

1. Risk Legacy

risk legacy
3-5 Players • Ages 13+60 minutes to play

Risk Legacy is the original classic board game which revolutionized board games by bringing to the forefront a rare concept; campaigning. Every single game has different and far fetching consequences which make the gameplay unique every single time you play. You have a chance to etch your name in the history books on the basis of how you shape your world. In this game, players can choose any one of the 5 factions and each faction has different rules and uniquely shaped pieces to distinguish one from the other. Each faction has to then try and control certain countries or regions on a map of the world to earn the maximum number of red stars and thereby earn victory points while unlocking new rules and abilities. Every move you make via rolling the dice alters how the world evolves right from its history to how factions line up and the eventual battle, which results in no two games being alike.

All these games are absolute classics but Risk Legacy takes up the top place because of the sheer magnitude and compelling gameplay it offers. Risk revolutionized board games when it released and to this day, remains the game changer and the torch bearer. Right from the original Risk to the GOT version, the Risk series is truly different from any other board game as it offers a new and unique experience every single time you play it. If you want to dominate your friends and the world, this series is for you.

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