Top 10 Pirate Board Games

Top 10 Pirate Board Games

Let us introduce the top ten pirate games. All those games are about the good old age of sailing ships and treasures when the cutlass was making the law. Top 10 pirate board games I’ve described below are full of this atmosphere of the endless seas, desperate attacks, and mysterious treasure maps. Let’s start! Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!

10. Pirate Fluxx

Pirate Fluxx

2-6 Players • Ages 8+10-40 minutes to play

Pirate Fluxx is one of the Fluxx family card games. As usually in the Fluxx series of Loonie Labs, you should draw cards from the deck and adapt to the changing rules and goals. Both new rules and goals are written on the new cards that you get. The game is easy to play. It will not take a lot of time but can bring you a lot of fun!

9. Walk the plank!

Walk The Plank

3-4 Players • Ages 6+20 minutes to play

Walk the plank! That’s what the captain said to those worst pirates who don’t worth a place in his ship anymore. Unfortunately, you are one of them. Only when the sharks will chew all the other players’ pirates, but two still standing on the plank the game will end. The only way to win is to be one of these two lucky guys. Walk the plank and come back.

8. Cartagena


2-5 Players • Ages 8+45 minutes to play

Cartagena is a board game about the pirates breaking out of the jail. The jail is located in the old fortress called Cartagena. To move a pirate, play a card from your hand. After your first pirate goes all the way and takes place in a sloop, he must wait for other crew members. From 2 to 5 players can play the game but 3 players are the most recommended player count.

7. Francis Drake

Francis Drake

3-5 Players • Ages 12+90-120 minutes to play

Under the leadership of the legendary Francis Drake, a few captains are going to travel into the mysterious lands. There are three significant and risky journeys, lot of gold and no man’s lands ahead of you. However, the destiny of your journey strongly depends on your actions in the beginning. Think strategically to succeed. This game will take your breath for two years and can be replayed many times.

6. Loot


3-4 Players • Ages 12+20 minutes to play

Loot is a hilarious board game with a stylish caricature-like design and a rather simple mechanics. There are four card types which are merchant ships, pirate ships, pirate captains and admiral. The player who put the merchant ship card has to protect it with other cards while other players should rob this ship by their ‘pirate’ cards. Three of four players are all you need to fully enjoy the game. The most exciting part starts after the cheaper merchant ships are already played…

5. Black Fleet

Black Fleet

3-4 Players • Ages 8+60 minutes to play

In Black Fleet, you can be a merchant, a pirate or a navy captain. You should either protect your merchant ship from the pirate attacks or rob ships if you play for the pirates. Thus, you can earn your money by good deliveries, ship robberies and sinking pirate ships. Whoever you are, you can buy advancement cards and improve your ships for this money. This pirate themed board game can be recommended for any age from 8 years to the adult.

4. Pirate’s Cove

Pirate s Cove

3-5 Players • Ages 8+60-90 minutes to play

So-called Pirate’s Cove is the well-known pirate hideaway. You dare sail there to become the most fearsome pirate of High Seas. But you are not the only one who wants it. During the 12 turns of the game, players secretly decide to visit six islands. If a few pirates step onto the same island, the fight begins. The board game also includes a lot of other funny elements of the game. There is a treasure island, where you can bury the treasures that you have got. There is a tavern where you can raise your popularity. And there are randomly acting ships of the Legendary Pirates like Blackbeard able to make a lot of problems.

3. Merchants and Marauders

Merchants and Marauders

2-4 Players • Ages 12+180 minutes to play

In the Merchants and Marauders board game, you can be a wealthy merchant or an evil-minded pirate. You will be hunted by NPC and by other players. Challenge the fortune. Are you cunning enough to survive in the Caribbean sea? Even if some player controlled characters are killed, there is no elimination for them in this game. They can play another character with a penalty for losing the previous one. This board game will provide a good activity for three hours.

2. Libertalia


2-6 Players • Ages 10+45 minutes to play

Libertalia is a board game about the confrontation of four ambitious pirate captains. Attacking the same ships as you do and acting the same way as you do, they try their best to steal your loot. In this confrontation, only the best pirate captain will end his life in a peaceful island instead of the ocean floor. The design of the game is beautiful and stylish. Cards depict crew members and other people who may change results of the pirate confrontation.

1. Jamaica


2-6 Players • Ages 8+30-60 minutes to play

And the best pirate board game ever is Jamaica! Back to Jamaica of the year of 1675. Captain Henry Morgan is appointed to be the governor of Jamaica and destroy all the pirates of Caribbean. But the peaceful life of a governor is not for him. Instead, Morgan declares the Great Challenge between the pirates where the amount of the loot shows the winner. You and your friends will take place in this challenge. You will love the game as soon as you open the cool game design where the box looks as a chest and a rulebook looks like a treasure map. There are essential resources like money, gunpowder and food. You use up your food while moving on the map around the island. Money can be spent for visiting ports and gunpowder is of course for battles. Battle result depends on the dice and gunpowder supply. If you win, you can take the enemy’s treasure. Cards from your hand in addition to rolling dice determine the winner of each round.

Here are the best pirate board games in my humble opinion. What’s about you? Can you add anything? Maybe I have missed your favorite pirate game? Don’t leave my body to the sharks and my soul to the devil for this. Just add your comment under this pirate board game top.

Readers opinion

Dead Man Tell no Tales

Dead Man Tell no Tales

2-5 Players • Ages 14+60 minutes to play

In Dead Man Tell no Tales you find yourself at forsaken ship which will soon sink to the bottom of the sea. You have to rob walking dead until it is too late. They go ballistic when realize why you are here. Take over all the treasures and get rid of bothersome zombies.

Rum and Bones

Rum and Bones

2-6 Players • Ages 14+60 minutes to play

Rum and Bones is another 2 player game about warlike dread pirate whose goal is the reigning of the sea. He would do anything to beat opposite factions and take away all the treasures and eventually get rich. Become lord of the seas via breathtaking adventure game Rum and Bones!



2-4 Players • Ages 8+60 minutes to play

In Survive you take a role of some messiah trying to save more people from sinking island, which is located in Atlantis. This game is definitely among pirate related board games. We have no doubt it will not leave you untouched. Dive deeper into the ocean to discover lost island!

Pina Pirata

Pina pirate

2-6 Players • Ages 7+30 minutes to play

Pina pirate is brilliant card game with high quality painted characters on the cards placed in a colorful box. Old pirate Jack knows no remorse and so his meanest bastards of the whole sea world. So they do not let your feel bored for sure.

Pirates Constructible Strategy Game

Pirates Constructible Strategy Game

2 Players • Ages 8+30-180 minutes to play

In this game you will construct some battleships in order to win sea battle. Pirates Constructible Strategy Game is among amazing board games for adults that you cannot ignore because it has an uncommon game mechanics. Simply put, you will not be disappointed.

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