Top 10 Board Games by Hasbro

top10 board games by hasbro

Hasbro Inc. is one of the largest toy and board game makers in U.S. It was set up in 1923 by three brothers named Hillel, Herman and Henry Hassenfeld. Initially, it was selling textile remnants, but thanks to the rapid expansion, the company began to produce pencil cases and school supplies. After that, in 1926, […]

Top 10 Legacy Board Games

top 10 legacy board games

The legacy style board games have completely revolutionized the board games industry and brought with it, thrills and excitement never experienced before. Legacy type board games are a concept where the actions occurring in a single game have the power to influence future games as well. Not only are some of the changes permanent and […]

Top 10 Risk Board Games

top 10 risk board games

Risk is ubiquitous in all spheres of life and risk management is something that we must all take up, whether we are driving a car or simply cooking food. Same with the Risk board games; a delectable combination of strategy, negotiation, and luck, this series captivates the attention of one and all and lets you […]

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