Top 10 Japan Themed Games

Top 10 Japanese Games

In this list we have collected only Japan board games to give people an opportunity people to understand Japanese culture by entertainment. We are pleased to represent you best board games about Japan in our opinion. There are both classic Japanese board games and modern Japanese board games, both Japanese board and card games. Everyone will be able to find here something for themselves. We hope you enjoy this topic which is dedicated most popular Japanese board games!

10. Go


2 Players • Ages 8+90 minutes to play

Japanese board game called Go was invented more than 5,500 years ago.
In this one of the most ancient Japanese board games you and your rival will compete in the seizure of territories using black and white stones. In this Japanese board game like chess, you will compete for influence on the panel. Go is the classic game which was invented B. C. Nevertheless, it remains an interesting and relevant one. This game is about philosophy, balance and calculation. The Japanese say that game rules can be learned in a few minutes, but it takes decades to get to know the game itself. This Japanese board game with black and white stones is rightly on our list despite it is not a full tabletop.

9. Tsuro


2-8 Players • Ages 8+15 minutes to play

In Japanese board game with tiles,Tsuro, you will feel the power of Eastern wisdom! You will pave the way using the tiles, so that do not run into opponents and do not step outside of playing field. This is a very simple and elegant game with tiles. There is no doubt that it is also beautifully packaged game. It is really fun and easy to learn. Do not fall in between the cracks!

8. Warriors Of Japan

warriors of japan

1-2 Players • Ages 10+150 minutes to play

Warriors of Japan board game is based on a true story. This brand new plaything is dedicated to one of the most important periods in Japan history. From 1336-1392, Japan is the conflict-affected state. After the fall of the empire, two militant clans clashed to bring out the future ruler of the country. It is really remarkable game covering the hitherto-unknown events of Japan history. It allows you to learn the history by means of a hobby. Go for it!

7. Hanabi


2-5 Players • Ages 8+25 minutes to play

Hanabi is card game where players take the roles of pyrotechnists trying to make the most beautiful firework show they can within a limited time. You need to just place the cards in right order. This game is literally playable by anyone and everyone. We think it is a brilliant game which should be played a couple of times by everyone. It is also amazing to play with kids! It is very interesting to get to know people. This game is great if your game group is flexible, if your group changes or if you have new people coming in and out. So, we recommend to play it at least once!

6. Nippon


2-4 Players • Ages 12+60-120 minutes to play

The Meiji period: Japanese empire decides to change Development Course. There is closed, isolated state choose a pro-European course. Since that moment, Empire brings western scientists and engineers. From now on, it is rapidly developing the infrastructure of the country. Then, the industrial revolution happens. State is under influence of the Great Four – powerful organization that controls Japanese economy. You are the manager of the organization winch is called Zaibatsu.
You need to invent a development strategy of the state. Nippon is one of most popular Japanese strategy board games. So, what are you waiting for? Join into right now!

5. King Of Tokyo

king of tokyo

2-6 Players • Ages 8+30 minutes to play

The first sentence in the game instruction says that city must be destroyed. It makes you wonder about the purpose of the game. What do you need to do? Capture the city or wipe it out? What is the point of being the master of the ruined city? In King Of Tokyo, players take on the role of giant monsters attacking the city and destroying everything in their path including each other
It is a really fun game and you will have a lot of fun with it. It is not just a dice game!
Get into the spirit of endless battles and become the king of Japan!

4. Tokaido


2-5 Players • Ages 8+45 minutes to play

Tokaido is one of the Japan themed board games. This game starts from one end of Japan to the other end of Japan. We go back to the history because to this day the Shinto religion still does that. It still going walks in journeys to experience the country and this game totally enraptures that. It is an elegant, sweet game. Japanese board game Tokaido is about weird and wonderful traditions of Japan people. Pay your attention to this brilliant game! It will impress you for sure!

3. Shogun


3-5 Players • Ages 12+150 minutes to play

The game takes place in Sengoku period. You are the great Daimyo with all your troops. You must develop your Kingdom. To do that you must skillfully control the troops. The battle between opposing armies is controlled by unique Cubetower. Conquer theaters, provinces temples, and castles to earn the points and finally, become mighty Shogun. This strategy among best board games from Japan. Do not miss the chance to play it!

2. Takenoko


2-4 Players • Ages 8+45 minutes to play

There you are playing a gardener for the empire of Japan. You are going to build a part of land, help gardener to get places and grow the bamboo and move panda so he can eat all the bamboo because he is hungry. The rules, in general, are very simple. In this Japanese board game, panda is the center of attention. Watch that it is not hungry!

1. Machi Koro

Machi Koro

2-4 Players • Ages 7+30 minutes to play

Machi Koro is Japanese board game city building where each player takes on the role of mayor.
Unfortunately, the city just at the beginning of it is development. Residents demand a job, a good salary, a theme park and maybe even a radio tower. Relying only on yourself, you must grow Machi Koro into the powerful city in the region. Here any way is good to get income even stealing from neighbors. Just make sure they aren’t doing the same to you! We recognized this city-building game best in our Japanese board games list! So, you can only play it!

We have dedicated this article to board games from Japan but Japanese board game journey is just beginning! Start playing to get acquainted with good japanese board games, discover amazing world of popular Japanese board games, mysterious world where the main thing is the balance. Dive into famous Japanese board games to recognize secrets of Japan!