Top 10 Drinking Board Games

top 10 drinking board games

How many parties have you visited? How many of them do you remember? Not so many? Maybe there was nothing to do? We will try to fix it. We are pleasant to present you our list of the best drinking board games which we have been selecting long enough. We have games for any tastes: up 2 player drinking board games to big companies ones etc. We believe it will broad your horizons.

10. Jenga


1-8 Players • Ages 6+20 minutes to play

It is nothing easier to build up a tower of wooden bars! Do you really think so? Then better you play this game! You will pull out bars from the lower part of the tower and put on the top of the tower increasing its height. The more bars you’re pulling out the more difficult it becomes to play. It is not by chance in our drinking board games list. This is one of the most famous tabletop games in the world. This game is interesting for both architects and builders. It is also indispensable both on the lash or outdoors.

9. Jungle speed

jungle speed

2-8 Players • Ages 7+10 minutes to play

Jungle speed is the unique skill reaction game suitable for any number of players (up 2 to 15 and even more). To conquer the jungle you need to get rid of your cards first. It is not that easy to win because you will need to pay close attention the contender cards and react quickly to the special ones. This drinking card game accompanied by fun, dynamic, passion, and laugh of all the players.

8. Beerpocalypse


2-4 Players • Ages 21+100 minutes to play

Beerpocalypse is a beer drinking board game. This project is characterized by the integration of beer glasses in the game. According to developers, at the distant future beer will be the most valuable radiation absorber. At the core of game process is the sharing and tasting of new kinds of beer. Unlike most drinking board games for adults you have not chug when loose. It is a pity that developers have gained so few funds on Kickstarter; otherwise, we would have raised it on our list.
Kickstarter campaign

7. Dixit


3-6 Players • Ages 6+30 minutes to play

This board game has been released in 2008 and has already received fifteen awards all over the world. This is the best game of 2010. Dixit is a fascinating associative game where you will have to pick a fantasy. Dixit is a universal game. It suits both adults and children, both beginners and inveterate players. There is smashing design in the game! You can just simply enjoy the cards! It allows you to know your friends better or just hang out together! So, what are you waiting for? Call your friends and start playing right now!

6. Carcassonne


2-5 Players • Ages 8+30-45 minutes to play

At the turn of the millennium, board game stores shelves all over the world have the game designed by German board game developer, Klaus-Jürgen Wrede. The development ideas cross his mind when he has watched the fortress with the same name in the south of France. The game is rightfully considered classics. What kind of game has he created? Why it became so popular? There are two simple things at the core of the game. Tile-placement and meeple-placement. Players can expand game field by themselves. That is what enthralls most of them. Carcassonne is a legendary game that deserves the maximum score!

There are top 5 drinking board games remaining.

Top 5 Drinking Board Games

5. Cash and Guns

cash n guns

4-6 Players • Ages 10+30 minutes to play

The drinking board game offering you to shoot right on the table, but without blood. Don’t hesitate too long otherwise, miss your turn. Each gangster should monitor closely his health. If he will be injured thrice, he drops out. This game will make you laugh for sure because this is the funniest game on our list! It is worth mentioning that this game based on Quentin Tarantino movie “Reservoir Dogs”. Like in a movie, players will make an assumption and suspect their teammates.

4. Fluxx


2-6 Players • Ages 8+5-30 minutes to play

In 1996, American programmer Andy Looney, together with his wife Christy Looney, organized a board games company and the world got one of the best drinking board game!
Fluxx is one of the most popular games on the planet Earth. At the moment they sold over 2 000 000 copies and released over ten thematic variations. All the kits can be mixed which can increase the replayability of such an unpredictable game.

3. Red dragon inn

the red dragon inn

2-4 Players • Ages 13+45 minutes to play

You will definitely spend the best drunk board game night with your friends when you try this game. After epic battles and power leveling, there comes a time go to the tavern and relax with your friends. To win you need not to crump ahead of time and don’t loose your money. There is everything can happen in the tavern: gambling, magic or battles. Overall, Red dragon inn is amazing plaything and captures from the first to the last minute. It is rightly on our top list.

2. Telestrations


4-8 Players • Ages 12+30 minutes to play

There is no secret that we all think differently. This game is about mutual understanding between people. Players must draw some pictures dictated by the roll of dice. You need to guess what is on the paper and draw it before the time will expire. But, it is only five minutes you got. Overall, this captures the essence of the game.

1. DrunkQuest


3-6 Players • Ages 21+20 minutes to play

The plaything is about how to beat the monsters when your drunk teammates trying to beat it too to earn the points. This fantasy-based rpg drinking board game is admittedly best drinking game with board in our list. Dive dipper in this breathtaking drunk adventure! You will not regret! No more words! Just make it sure!

We believe that it is better to have fun while you drinking than just drink aimlessly. No matter where you are, at the birthday party or in the pub, you always can take your favorite board game with you and surprise your friends. We hope you sharing our passion for drinking board games. And what makes you buy drinking board game? Maybe this is a best friend birthday or just a gift to your girlfriend? Who knows? And one more question. What kind of drinking board game are you playing now? Please, leave your comment down below.

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