Top 10 dice board games

Top 10 Dice Board Games

Board games are not just a source of entertainment, but also bring people from different spheres together under one match. Dice board games are mostly based on your luck (and your cheating skills). Unlike chess, dice board games are simple, easy to play and everyone can enjoy irrespective of your IQ level. There are various advantages of playing dice board games like sharing laughter and promoting empathy and building up a trust among fellow players. Whether it’s friends or families, everyone can enjoy this game. Here is a list of best dice board games that inevitably requires your attention.

10. Tiny Epic Galaxies

Tiny Epic Galaxies

1-5 Players • Ages 14+ • 30-60 minutes to play

The objective of tiny epic galaxies is to take control of your ship, conquer the galaxies and expand your resources and territories through influencing Armenda. The dice game involves an innovative dice which instructs it, user, to take a different action. Depending on that, the player can invade, expand or earn resource. But it is not as easy as enemy get to move their pieces and activate special abilities from their galaxies even though they do not make even a single turn. Wise spending and playing right moves at the right time will only ensure your victory.

9. Dice City

Dice City

1-4 Players • Ages 14+ • 45-60 minutes to play

This dice building board game depicts the scenario of the kingdom of Rolldovia whose capital city has been captured by some barbarian from the south. Not the queen has decreed that a city should be selected to become the next capital of the kingdom. A dice shifting based game that depends on the location and dice played to influence your game. Use strategies and devise a plan to best promote your city like building marvels or opening up trade routes or creating the strongest army that ever marched on the land. The motto of the game is to best manage your resources, influence others, and the queen to make your claim as the best city to be the next capital of the kingdom.

8. Space Cadets: Ice Duel

Space Cadets - Ice Duel

4-8 Players • Ages 12+ • 30 minutes to play

You are on your way to destroy the enemy that is ahead in your path. The shields are all set, and the people are ready to clear of the enemy ships on a single command. You spot the enemy in front and prepare yourselves for the attack, but to the surprise, you find that the ships used an ability and placed itself behind you. Now the game just got started.

One of the best dice and chips game, space cadets: dice duel is all about clashing with your enemy and defeating them with torpedoes or mines and show your

supremacy and leadership in the nick of time. Each ship consists of six stations that help to control the ship and hence its action.

The game is meant for 4-8 players. Those who will be playing the game will be divided into two teams, and each player in the team handles a particular station. Unlike other dice games, it is a real time dice game, and the only way to win the game is to move fast and beat your opponent before they do so.

7. Dice Forge

Dice Forge

2-4 Players • Ages 10+ • 40 minutes to play

Here is a chance to go to an epic battle and defeat your enemy with courage and will to get a sit in heaven. Use your divine dice that can change faces as you progress. Sacrifice golds, upgrade your dice and all that to make your dice to yield great choices. Overcome your obstacles and show your strength at with skillful maneuver of your dices and take charge of your destiny.

This innovative game is based on the dice shifting mechanism in which you can swap the face of the dice and thus customize it as you play along with it. The more powerful and good choices you make, the better the dice becomes. Defeat your enemy, and show the courage to face difficulties and claim your sit alongside Gods of the heaven.

6. Risk Legacy

Risk Legacy

3-5 Players • Ages 13+ • 60 minutes to play

Winning territories and conquering everything that the world has to offer is what sounds like a fantastic game then risk legacy is a game to go. With each player starting with a particular faction and troop and resource, each one goes out and hunts the nearby countries. A classic game of eliminating your opponent with dice rolls and playing out cards as the match progress this game will surely have a lot of in game cards and secret instructions that make the conquering campaign interesting.

The game consists of many modifiers, permanent cards, and temporary cards, hidden rules and lot more that adds to the depth to this otherwise simple territory conquering game. This dice and card game is all set to change your view and perspective of how addictive game can become if played well out.

The collection consists of disposable cards and pack of new cards that add a new twist to the match every time you play allowing you to have an experience of about 15 different campaigns. Further, it comes with the entirely duplicate pack to keep the whole set reusable.

5. Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers Vs X-Men

Marvel Dice Masters

2 Players • Ages 14+ • 60 minutes to play

In this dice and card game, the objective of the game is to fight with the other player until the life is reduced to zero. Here each player plays one of its heroes like Spiderman, Wolverine, Captain America and much more and does face to face battle to win the rounds. Each team consists of 20 heroes, and each player has to purchase their heroes from those sets only. One to one battles not only help in defeating the opponent’s hero but will also give you money, and powers up that will help you to buy a new hero and power packs that can be placed in the battle field. Each dice comes with a reference card that shows the power that this dice can use in turn. You can even buy booster packs to enhance the power of your heroes further and make the game even more exciting.

4. Troyes


1-4 Players • Ages 12+ • 90 minutes to play

Come and play the game of Troyes where you recreate the legends of the champagne making factory of the world located in the France. Each team controls a section of the population which is represented by the dices and cards that each player has. The cards represent the three domains that run the place: religious, military, and civil. Each player tries to outnumber the opponents and gain a supremacy through various maneuvers and strategies that the card has to offer. You can also get a chance to influence opponents population and get more fame for you land’s champagne.

Work your way and make great religion, combat the misfortune and carry on activities that are to be found nowhere in the world and become the mighty among all.

3. Roll Through The Ages: The Bronze Age

Roll Through The Ages

1-4 Players • Ages 8+ • 30-45 minutes to play

Build your empire and leave a legacy of greatness behind. Throw your dice and acquire the commodities and workers required to start building your dynasty. Go through the challenges expand your resources and do wonders that will leave behind a story of legend for centuries to come. Building wonders will help you in winning the game, but it’s not going to be easy when you are surrounded by your enemy who is also trying the same and will do whatever it takes to stop you from progress. Can you outsmart them and be successful in building the wonders of the world. Enjoy this miracle dice game and explore the civilization ages by yourself.

The dice and peg game takes its name from Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization, although the two games have different styles and designers.

2. Quarriors!


2-4 Players • Ages 14+ • 30 minutes to play

Become the best magical warriors; Quarriors to impress your queen Quaridia. You play the game by using the 12 dices that represents your creature and spell dice and helps you to make your move. Your objective is to out throw your opponent by killing their creature and catching hold of their spell dice or Quarry. Cast powerful spells, earn glory and impress your Queen and be victorious.

It is a fast paced game, and unlike other dice games here you need to choose six dices out of 12 dices that you will have in your repository and therefore, it is critical to choose the dice as each turn can make a hell and heaven difference. Play the right game, earn the glory and fame and become the greatest mystical warrior that the world has ever seen.

1. Roll For The Galaxy

Roll For The Galaxy

2-5 Players • Ages 13+ • 45 minutes to play

Roll for the Galaxy is a dice game that tops our today’s list of best dice board games. Its genre is building space empires for two to five players. You use your dice to develop new technologies, export, and import goods, in short build the best and prosperous empire. The player who does it, become the winner. This game is best if you are playing with your friends. Its content is quite engaging as well the steps to play is easier than many board games. Hence this game is must try for all dice board game freaks.

Each dice game has to offer a unique experience that traditional board game can never offer. Not only the games are easy to play, but they come loaded with unlimited hours of fun for all the family members. There are even dice games for kids out there and they will love to play them for sure! So, Happy playing games with your friends and family!