Top 10 Board Games for Beginners

There are billions of board games. The life is too short. One does not simply play them all. Finding a game to start with is not easy for a novice. Many people dislike board games for one reason. They chose a wrong game in their day.

We posted 10 great games for tabletop beginners to help them. These games are easy to learn. You will finish reading rules and start playing as soon as possible. It is not the only criterion for mentioning them as the best board games for newbies. They also must be interesting so that you will love board games as we love them.

10. Mice and Mystics

Mice And Mystics Cover Box

Mice and Mystics is a cool role playing board game about a few people turned into mice and looking for the way out. All mice have special abilities. Tilda can heal stunning, curse or web. Nez is good in defense. Collin has the best initiative as a leader. In their quests, they will face enormous spiders, giant centipedes, and rat warriors. Pits, traps, and insidious sewage currents will cause them many problems. The game art is terrific. There is only one reason for the tenth position in this top. Not every newbie will be able to figure it out. Yet, if he will, he will fall in love with the game.

9. Patchwork


Patchwork is an abstract board game for the entire family. It has original mechanics and takes from fifteen to thirty minutes. Fabric tiles constitute the playing field. Buttons play the role of currency in the game. If your chip passes the button icon on the field, you gain a button. To win, a player needs to collect more buttons and leave less empty tiles. Regardless of its simple design and abstractness, it became a bestseller. There are four reasons: simplicity, interestingness, and fast time to learn and play. It is a good choice for both adults and children.

8. Pandemic


Pandemic is a cooperative board game where players can either win together or lose together. There are four different mortal diseases on the playing field showing the world map. The spread of infection depends on the cards that you may draw from the deck. As a team of experts, players cooperate to find a cure for each infection. It will take travels across every continent, building research laboratories, and local infection elimination.

7. Dominion


Dominion is a founder of the deck building games with medieval thematic. Each player starts with seven treasure cards and three victory cards. Victory cards will bring the score at the end of the game. Treasure cards help to buy items. Each turn consists of three phases. In action phase, you can play an action card, in sale phase, you can buy cards, and then you can fold some cards. The items that you buy can help you to either gain resources or fight against other players. At the end of the game, the score of the cards sums up. The player who has the best deck wins.

6. Discworld: Ankh-Morpork

Discworld: Ankh-Morpork

We recommend Discworld: Ankh-Morpork to readers of Terry Pratchett and not only them. Being one of the bestselling authors, Pratchett has invented a fantasy world full of good humor. People, dwarves, elves, and vampires get along together in the semi-medieval city of Ankh-Morpork. Their lifestyle reminds living in modern New York or London. The game offers you to feel in shoes of those mighty of that world. They are the Patrician, the chief of the city watch, and the lords of the city. Each one of them fulfills different quests to win the game. For instance, Vimes should stop everyone else from fulfilling their quests. This is the way of a good police officer in cities like Ankh-Morpork. Use your cards and meeples to take over each part of the city. Enjoy the Pratchett’s atmosphere on each city tile and on each personality card. If you have not read Pratchett’s books, this game will be your guide into the Discworld.

5. King of Tokyo

king of tokyo

King of Tokyo is a board game version of the King of Hill where a group of monsters fights for the throne of Tokyo. Like in the King of Hill, you can attack all your opponents at once. In the same time, they will attack you until you fall. There are energy and health points and different ways to win. You can gather energy to become the strongest monster. You can hide and heal your wounds while your enemies are killing each other. You can play in an aggressive manner to stop the opponent force from growing. In any case, only one king will stand in the end.

4. Settlers of Catan

settlers of catan

Settlers of Catan is a board game about a group of medieval settlers. After a long and tiresome travel, they shook off the road dust and found their new home on the island of Catan. The new challenge is to build up the island and protect it. Settlers of Catan is a typical European style game. Advanced mechanics and strategic development make up its basement. The area is a limited resource. Players use it to pave roads, build villages, and train armies. Besides economic development, players must take care of their survival after brigand attacks. These attacks can start at any time by the luck of the draw.

3. Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island is one of the most exciting board games for entry level. It combines simple rules and the never-ending feeling of pleasant suspense. The island hides many mysterious places. With all this, the main thing about the game is that the island is submerging. The water swells on! This condition changes the gaming field with each turn. What to do if the helipad will drown as well? Will you be able to find four powerful artifacts and leave the island before your opponents stop you?

2. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is a good choice for both a skilled player and a newbie. Use your carriage cards to build your railway empire. Connect the entire continent with straight lines of rails and sleepers. Your success depends on the length and continuity of your ways. We like this game for its original mechanics and simplicity. The maps include American territory, Europe, and Scandinavia. The game also has its alternative incarnation as a computer game.

1. Carcassonne


Carcassonne is the best board game for novice according to our humble opinion. It has already become board game classics. Some board game concepts like puzzle maps and meeples derive exactly from the Carcassone. Regardless of this, the game is less famous than Monopoly or Mafia. So it still worth representation to those who have not played it.

European style mechanics and easy rules make this game a good thing for a new gamer to buy. Players build the board together tile by tile like a puzzle. They build from city, road, field, and monastery tiles and place their meeples inside. Score gaining takes a road with two ends, a walled city, or a monastery with tiles around. The same meeple may become a knight in the city, a monk in the monastery, or a brigand on the road during the same game. If it becomes a peasant, you lay your peasant meeple onto the field. This is to show that there is no way back for this meeple. Your puzzle building actions may both help and harm your opponents. You should find your way to having more victory points before the last tile lies onto the board.

Well, our top ten board games for beginners turned out to be different. We feel a little bit nostalgic because we have just listed our first games. What games took their places first on your shelf?

If you are a skilled gamer, we would be grateful if you tell us about your first board games. If you are a newbie, we appreciate your opinion about any of these games.

Readers opinion

Small World

Small World

2-5 Players • Ages 8+40-80 minutes to play

Small World is presented with the small map. However, it does not mean, that the game is less interesting. Small world includes many uncommon designs which help you improve your intellectual abilities. To sum up, this immersive smart game is 100% must have in your board games collection.

Wits and Wagers

Wits and Wagers

3-7 Players • Ages 10+25 minutes to play

Wits and Wagers is sort of quiz for drunk (or sober) companies made to have fun. This is kind of simple and clear party game without hard questions in the cards. Wits and Wager just will help you to come together with all the homies.

Letters From Whitechapel

Letters From Whitechapel

2-6 Players • Ages 13+120 minutes to play

Letters From WLhitechapel is probably most interesting table top game for the last time we were playing due to its storyline. It is kind of detective story full of mystical events which is constantly come about. Do you have guts to deal with it?

Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter

2-5 Players • Ages 14+45-210 minutes to play

Once you find yourself in the most terrible dream you have ever seen. All the dreams that you have refused came true. What happened? Are you afraid? Don’t worry! This is just survival board game Dead of Winter.

7 Wonders

7 Wonders

2-7 Players • Ages 10+30 minutes to play

In this game, dedicated to antiquity, you take a role of some ruler who will try to lead his people to prosperity. Build up new structures, develop infrastructure and try to erect at least one of 7 Wonders to win this competition.

4 comments on “Top 10 Board Games for Beginners

  1. “Will you be able to find four powerful artifacts and leave the island before your opponents stop you?” – I thought Forbidden Island was a cooperative game where all players work together to find the relics and get off the island without drowning.

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  4. I like your list and some of yours would make my list as well. My list (off the top of my head):

    10. Survive – Escape from Atlantis is great family fun!
    09. Wits and Wagers Deluxe Edition is for those who like Trivial Pursuit but hate know-it-alls.
    08. Small World is a good area control game for 2-5 players and changes each game.
    07. Coup is a simple strategic card game where players use deception..or do they?
    06. Ticket to Ride Europe is my choice over the original because it adds some cool extras.
    05. King of New York gets the edge over Tokyo because of some added strategy…but both are fun.
    04. Letters from Whitechapel is a cooperative game where you hunt Jack the Ripper…very cool.
    03. Star Trek Fleet Captains or Star Wars Rebellion but ONLY for those who are into one or the other “big league.”
    02. Dead of Winter because at its core it’s simple but also can move people to more complex gaming.
    01. Pandemic gets my #1 because it’s cooperative and because the theme is modern and attracts people.

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