Top 10 board games about viruses

top 10 games about viruses

COVID-19 outbreak has changed our lives dramatically. We are still lockdown all around the world though it is just a temporary measure to prevent the virus spreading. Soon enough we will share our lives with our friends and loved ones again. For now, make sure to follow the rules and stay safe!

As you might think, our today’s top 10 of board games is about fighting different viruses. We are completely sure that the games from the list will be quite useful in our current situation. Why do we think so? Well, these games do pretty much correlate with the real world by using the real economic and social mechanics. Actually, this top 10 is a great opportunity both to have fun and learn how to prevent viruses spreading. Make sure you won’t miss that and remember that being sick is not an option! So, we’re all set and let’s get down to business!

10. Dr.Microbe

Top 10 board games about viruses

2-4 Players • Ages 8+ • 15 minutes to play

Number 10 in our list is Dr. Microbe. It is pretty much funny game with a simple rules and mechanics. All you have to do is to match the microbes’ miniatures in your petri dish with ones that are shown on a drawn card. Remember, that the other players are also trying to do this at the same time! The player who’s first to complete his petri dish takes the drawn card. The player who takes five cards is the winner! Here’s the link to rules and gameplay.

Pros: this game is as simple as a piece of cake! Even 4-year-old-children will figure out the rules.

Cons: might be too fast-paced for parents.

9. Black Death

Black Death

2-6 Players • Ages 12+ • 120 minutes to play

Number 9 from the list is Black Death. Have you ever wanted to become a bad guy? Black Death is your choice certainly! Each player now will become a disease, which has its own features like mortality and virulence. As you might have guessed, the player who managed to kill the most people is the winner. The important thing here is to build up the right balance to make sure your strain spreads enough before it kills!

Pros: nice and smooth gameplay with great replayability

Cons: more suitable for 3 players than for 2

8. Plague & Pestilence

Top 10 board games about viruses

2-6 Players • Ages 10+ • 15-45 minutes to play

Number 8 from our today’s top 10 of infectious disease board games is Plague and Pestilence. Players are preparing for the Death Ship arrival which brings Black Plague and death. First off, they roll the dice to build-up population. This is “Prosperity” phase which is followed by “Plague” phase. The objective of the game is to survive and the last man standing is the winner. Here’s the link to rules and gameplay.

Pros: fast-paced card game with strategy vibe

Cons: requires quite big company (6 players) to get the best gaming experience

7. Antidote

Top 10 board games about viruses

2-7 Players • Ages 13+ • 20-30 minutes to play

Number 7 from our top 10 list of board games about disease is Antidote. Antidote is a deduction card game. In this game, players are scientist, who are suddenly infected with unknown virus and now they are locked inside the research lab and trying to deduce the Antidote. It is possible to survive only if you interact with other players trying to discard their cards. Moreover, players may bluff or add some tension which is the good opportunity to vary the gameplay. Here’s the link to basic rules and gameplay.

Pros: enjoyable and fun game with simple rules

Cons: the game may end too soon

6. Infection: Humanity’s Last Gasp

Top 10 board games about viruses

1 Players • Ages 13+ • 45 minutes to play

Number 6 in our top 10 of board games is Infection: Humanity’s Last Gasp. In this game, you are the director of Department of Plague Control. The new virus called Morbusian outbreaks and you are the one who is able to stop it! Waste no time and research the virus and organize the task force activity to save humanity. If you push things too far the stress will increase and you will have to complete the vaccine as soon as possible! Moreover, Status Report cards is a good chance to randomize things in this game. They can add chaos in the game and help you out as well. Here’s the link to rules and gameplay.

Pros: well-designed mechanics, a lot of random events

Cons: this game is solitaire only

5. Plague Inc: The Board Game

Top 10 board games about viruses

1-4 Players • Ages 14+ • 60-90 minutes to play

Meet number 5 from our top 10 which is Plague Inc: The Board Game. This game is something similar to Black Death, though it has more advanced mechanics and gameplay. Each player represents a disease and their target is to spread, develop new symptoms, and wipe out the whole humanity. Your virus earns DNA points that can be spent to upgrade your disease and add new symptoms. Remember to choose symptoms wisely because you need to maintain the right balance between spreading and killing. Check the link to rules and playthrough.

Pros: well-developed system of symptoms’ upgrades

Cons: sometimes it is quite challenging to build-up a disease balance

4. Herbalism

Top 10 board games about viruses

3-4 Players • Ages 8+ • 15-30 minutes to play

Number 4 in our list is taken by Herbalism. It’s a tiny card game of deduction with beautiful design. In this game, players are developing a cure by asking each other different questions. The ingredients are coded by different colors and symbols, which are drawn perfectly on high-quality cards. Also, there are tokens and prediction tiles that help you to deduce the correct cure. The game continues until one player scores 7 points. Here’s the link to overview and rules.

Pros: simple and pretty-looking card game for 3-4 players

Cons: sometimes the gameplay is not so intriguing as it could be. Also, for the first couple of rounds you will need to keep the rulebook nearby

3. Dice Hospital

Top 10 board games about viruses

1-4 Players • Ages 10+ • 45-90 minutes to play

Number 3 is taken over by Dice Hospital. In this game, players are placing specialists like hematologist or virologist to the respective hospital department. You can extend or improve the wards in your department as well. The thing is, you will need to save as many patients as you possibly can. The game lasts for eight rounds and a player who has the most points wins. Here’s the link to how to play video.

Pros: well-balanced worker placement mechanics with a lot of tension related to saving your patients

Cons: some rules can be challenging to explain

2. Rattus

Top 10 board games about viruses

2-4 Players • Ages 10+ • 45 minutes to play

Number 2 in our list is conquered by Rats. Oh, actually it’s Rattus! The background of the game is about the Black Death and its devastation. Players are interacting with all the typical characters from Medieval times like knights, witches or monks to prevent the Rats to spread. Your objective is to hold-off the disease throughout the game and to save as many population as possible in your area. Here’s the link to gameplay and rules.

Pros: it takes around five minutes to learn the rules. Also, the game has an outstanding artwork

Cons: the game for 2 is not the best option for the game mechanics. You should definitely try 4 players

1. Pandemic Legacy

Pandemic Legacy

1-5 Players • Ages 14+ • 90-115 minutes to play

Okay, now we’ve finally reached the leader of our list! Our number 1 in the list is Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 and 2. This game gives you a chance to become a savior of humanity. There are different actions you can perform like building a research station, trading cards with other players, etc. The objective of the game is to eradicate the virus. The more the virus spreads the more panic level increases and it will more difficult for you to travel around the world. Remember, that your teammates can be infected and die suddenly as well. If you have already tried Season 1 you will definitely like Season 2. Here’s the link to gameplay and rules.

Pros: remarkable co-op mechanism with an outstanding replayability

Cons: rules additions in the campaign sometimes happen, so you need to keep your rulebook updated

This is it! Board Game King team hope that you liked this top 10 and if you ever had a question like “If I like Pandemic, what other board games would I like?” the answer is definitely here! Our today’s top represents the comprehensive experience of board games about different diseases and we are sure it will be helpful to overcome the covid crisis. Feel free to comment below and share your favorite games with us! Stay safe and take care!