Mystigo Games Kit review

Mystigo Games Kit

Couple of months ago we connected with the «Mystigo Games». This is the international game-design company who developed a 4-pack game which is called «Mystigo Games Kit». This set is specially developed for parties. They send us full 4-pack set and we were very excited when we unpacked it… So, here is what comes next.

The Galerist

The Gallerist

The first game we played was The Galerist. We didn’t know the rules but we guessed that it has an auction mechanics. So, we looked through the rules and it took something like 10 or 15 minutes.


This game is designed for 2-4 players and it has quite simple game setup. First, you take Picture cards from the deck, then shuffle them and put on the table face down. It’s really important because you do not know the following lot and it’s harder for you to plan further actions.

Bid cards are presented with amounts of money, one Expert opinion and Sheikh’s arriving card. They are separate for each and they are marked with numbers (I-IV) and they differ from each other by colors. Each turn players bid for the picture and the highest one is the guarantee that you will have the picture! It’s that simple.


To speak about the rules, it worth mentioning that we were very surprised by simplicity, so this game will fit every person on your party or birthday, whatever. Well, let’s have a closer look at them.

You take the top card from the Picture card deck and put it face up on the table. Then each player put only one bid card from his hand face down. Player with biggest bid wins and he takes the picture to him. These actions repeat during 12 rounds.

There are two special cards in bid cards deck – Sheikh’s arriving and Expert opinion.

Sheikh’s arriving is equal 40,000$ and it doubles your next bid in the next round.

Expert opinion destroys the whole fun (haha)! It discards both the bids and the picture.

Also, there could be a situation when the bids of players are equal. They just take their bids back in their hands and bid again. If there are equal bids again, the picture and the bids are discarded.

The winner is the player who has the most points in the end of the game. The points are marked on the picture and also there are additional points for completing sets. Every set of three cards with the same background is equal to 5 extra points.


When we sat around the table we thought like “What is so special about it?” But it was just the beginning! We wanted to play more and more… This game surprised with a simple setup and rules, so we haven’t noticed 5 or 6 rounds. It’s really amazing game!


Dr. Blender

Dr. Blender

This amazing game is also made for 2-4 players (or assistants, if to say it correctly). Dr. Blender carries out the craziest experiments in has lab! So, that’s why this guy needs you and your friends to help him in creation of these spooky creatures and monsters…


There are three types of cards which marked by colors – blue cards are for Humans, red cards are for Monsters and the green ones are for Animals.

During the game process you will have to «craft» the creatures by collecting cards with head, torso and legs. These cards should be of the same color and also they should logically (!) match to each other. For example, lib – is for head, rari – is for torso and an – is for legs and we have LIBRARIAN and so on. Combinations can be very different and there also could be some funny names for creatures like FRAFEN with Frankenstein’s head, body of some human and legs of sea monster called Kraken! That’s awesome!


So, start with shuffling the cards and divide them into head, torso and legs ones. Then, put these three piles face down on the table and take one card from each of these piles and create three creatures. Next, all of the players take one card from each pile into their hand.

Then, you should decide who goes first and it’s up to you! So, when first player goes, other players «block» the parts of three face-up monsters with tokens to prevent you from taking these parts (consult the rules about the block tokens quantity). After that, you can name the color (blue, green or red) and take the cards of this color into your hand (except the «blocked» ones) and refill the slots with cards from three piles. If you have «correct» (matching color and logic, hah) creature, you should discard it in front of you face-up.

Also, you can trade cards with other players and clean the block tokens out. To trade the cards you should give two cards to other player and name the specific card like «give me the Legs of Frankenstein». If other player doesn’t have it he holds your two cards and if you correct, so you take the card you asked but these two cards you give are belong to other player at any case.


That’s the craziest game we’ve ever experienced! We laughed out loud before the game eve started! We just created these three creatures in the beginning and we couldn’t continue the process during 10 minutes! But then we played several rounds and we were happy! It’s the must have game for every party!


60 Dwarves

60 Dwarves

As for this game, it was hard to us to play it for the first time, because the mechanics are slightly different from what we’ve experienced. The main difference is that the game process looks like the elevator – when the lower cards are going higher and so on. It looks quite curious! So, let have a look at this game.


60 Dwarves is a game for 2-4 players and it has rather complicated setup, but still it is worth playing! The thing is that you should read game setup section carefully and follow the instructions step-by-step!


The game turn is divided into two phases – Decision and Action phases.

Decision phase consists of three possible steps:

  1. You can place the token on a Dwarf of any color on the Tavern card
  2. On the lift card to send the dwarves team to the mine
  3. Back on the turn track to place the available slot

During the Actions phase players can place their token on the first vacant position on Turn track, flip over the Lift to show that it has been used and so on…

The goal is to gather as much gem stones and gather the best mining team and there is a system of counting the points. For example, if you have 4 yellow dwarves and 3 Red ones you will have 27 treasure points. Don’t forget that you can send only one crew of dwarves!


This game can be difficult for beginners but it takes something like 20 minutes to learn the rules and game setup and game experience is awesome! If you want to feel the real Tolkien’s kind of adventures this game is for you!


Trust me!

Trust Me

The last game we tried was «Trust me». It is a card game which is made for 3 to 6 players which is inspired by «Believe it or Not». Everybody heard about this game, I guess. It’s time to check this out!


First of all, you should shuffle the deck and then deal the same number of cards to each player. Next, first player (you should choose him) puts between 1 and 5 cards face down and then he names them by the type of animal like 1 pig, 4 cats and so on. Next player should say «I believe» (player should put 1 to 5 cards on top of the stack) or «I don’t believe» (player should discard one of the previous player’s cards and if there is no claimed card he takes the whole stack).


When Mystigo send us the prototype of this game, the rules were not ready because they changed them slightly so we have played this game like classic Believe it or not and we had lots of fun! Especially, with all these special cards like Tornado. You should try this game with your friends!


For us, that was a new game with the old experience! Special cards add some madness into the game process and it was super entertaining!


Final thoughts

All these games that we tested were worth playing because they are so easy that even your kids can figure them out! We strongly recommend this pack of games for you, your children, your mum, granny and for all your beloved people! This will provide you new experience of entertainment and excitement! By the way, Mystigo games are going to launch the kickstarter campaign and if you pledge money to them you will get this pack for sure! We wish these talented guys good luck in their quest! «Mystigo Games Kit» need your support to become real!

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