The CopyCat card game review

copycat card game

BoardGameKing subscribers and board game community! How about a new party game for you to explore? Today, we prepared the review on the outstanding and great designed card party deduction game called “The Copycat” by Hawk Games.

This is a very user-friendly and simple card game which will bring a lot of fun and probably you will get to know your friends from other points of view (there is a note on the box which says “Warning: May Ruin Friendships!”). The game mechanics are quite similar to Mafia and Werewolf . As for the word stuff, this game was inspired by such games as Taboo and Codenames. It takes about 15 minutes to play it and 4-15 players. You can gather big and crazy crowd to experience this brilliant work of art!

copycat - box

Let’s have a closer look at the box and content:

As you can see, there are Human and Copycat cards and this is essential about the gameplay and rules. The Copycat card game is about language and speaking and we really loved it! So, be prepared to expand your skills. Now, the question is… No, not that Yorick stuff, but how to play this game!
copycat - human
Each player is given an identity in secret: Human or CopyCat. Humans can see a Topic (word or phrase) on a Topic Card and CopyCats secretly can see Hint(s) (words/phrases) on the same card.
copycat - character
Now, each player describes the Topic and CopyCats try to interact. For example, if the CopyCats saw “Savory” and “Spaghetti” as their Hints for the secret Topic “Ramen”, they might say “Delicious”, “Food”, or even “Noodle”. They sound like they mean “Ramen” without having a slightest thing about the Topic!

Guys from Hawk Games have spent a lot of time to craft the Hints (often intentionally disconnected) to make life much easier for CopyCats without giving away the Topic.

copycat - card

At the very end, humans win by eliminating the CopyCats through voting, while CopyCats win by staying in the game by cheating and tricks!
More detailed rules are described on the special card which is available with CopyCat box. Feel free to consult it! Also, you can find the example of game play here.

Design in this game is a separate point which worth mentioning. Just look at these cards and characters – humans are established by many professions and cats are different too. Printing quality is also 10/10!
copycat - instruction card

Final thoughts

Probably, this is one of the funniest games we’ve ever tried! This game could be named as “The Mafia of 80 level”! Why? The psychological suspense is everywhere in the game play… People are trying to confuse you and you have to guess who is that Copycat. The words are very different and sometimes you will have to improvise a lot to confuse your opponents. We rate this game 8/10

copycat - deck
By the way, you can still support this game via Kickstarter campaign! There are some days remaining, so hurry up and back this cool project. Moreover, you will find the info about what’s inside the box and bonuses for the best backers. Hope you enjoy it! Comment and subscribe, yours faithfully, BoardGameKing!
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