Band Manager: Backstage Clash (ex-Battle of The Bands) review

Battle of The Bands

Hello, BoardGameKing subscribers! Have you ever wanted to become a famous musician? Today, we can give you a chance!

Couple of months ago we had a package with cool project from Edward Saperia, called the “Band Manager: Backstage Clash”. We tested this stuff and we had a lot of fun! Quite an original gameplay and design make this game a must have on your New Years and Christmas holidays. Sometimes, it looks like “Monsters of Rock”, but there are a lot of innovations in the game process. Let’s take a closer look at the details now.

First of all, we the t-shirt playing field looks innovative, though sometimes it’s not really comfortable, but still it’s a big plus for the gameplay.
Battle of The Bands - T Shirt

“Band Manager” doesn’t forget about the world trends, so it has a great-developed pixel design which is popular nowadays not only in PC games. It’s definitely thumbs up! Moreover, you will find a lot of sticker-tattoos and labels inside, so your looks will be 100% like true rocker.
Battle of The Bands - Cards

There are no boundaries in the “Band Manager”! Each genre and style is available – ska, punk, hip-hop, metal and etc. Pick what you like to play and go on the world stage!

As for the gameplay itself, you take the role of tour-manager but it doesn’t mean that you work alone. You will have to co-operate with other players, though there is only one winner. To win the game, you will need to gather a lot of fans by making-up your crazy around-the-world tour. You can make a tour by yourself or take other players with you. As a tour-manager you can organize a tour for other players and then kick them from it easily, which adds an intrigue in the game process. Yep, showbiz could be a cruel game sometimes, guys.
Battle of The Bands - Genres

When you are back from tour, you can get either fans or equipment cards. By the way, cool equipment and instrument is an important thing for each musician to become successful. The cooler equipment you have, the more famous you become and more fans you can get, that’s it!
Battle of The Bands - Photo

Each world-famous band has a story behind and a passion why they wanted to become musicians. So, it is also developed in the “Band Manager”. There are some cards about why you’ve decided to play music in a first place, like “broken hearted”, “talented hobo” and etc.
Battle of The Bands - Passion Cards
As for the rules and set up, it is only the matter of 15 minutes to get along with these issues. After you set-up the game you will want to play it more and more! It is worth mentioning about who’s going to be the first player. Here you can try to become opera-singer or something like that, because a player who nailed the highest note is the first player in the gameplay!
Battle of The Bands - Gameplay

By the way, “BoardGameKing” is involved in the underground music too and “Band Manager” is one of the most entertaining and innovative board games we’ve ever seen! This can be some kind of guide to the rock music for all the musicians. You can play it either with your friends or family and you still will have the same rocking and rolling experience. Moreover, there is a cool expansion NSFW-deck which makes the game more “brutal, sexy and rough”. The game is completely pledged now and now you can order it easily. All your dreams come true!

To sum all the things up, we have an independent high-class and funny game about everyday life of musicians. This game can inspire you a lot and maybe someday you will be on TV-screen? Who knows, but still it’s a game to be played every day!

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