Doom: The Board Game


One of the games drew a lot of attention at the Gen Con in Indianapolis. This game is called Doom. This is a two-to-five player card-based game that took much of the inspiration for its mechanics from FFG’s marvelous Star wars: Imperial Assault.
doom - board game
One player takes control of the malicious demons spawning them into the game through a series of dimension portals. The other four players control sea surface. For the demon player, the main goal is to beat marine six times in total during the game. For players goals can be different. Marine players can obtain up to 30 different classes which give special perks and abilities. That promises to boost the game’s replayability. The game promises to be a storehouse of lush miniatures.
doom - miniatures

Due to amazing demons miniatures the value of the game really shines. The details are perfectly painted. The tabletop game also uses the “glory kill” mechanic from the video game to maximize the visual effects. Overall, this game promises to be great! We are looking forward to that release and hope you liked it too!