Breaking Bad board game – the story of a big success from wrecks to riches.

Arjun Shankar Breaking Bad Board Game

Probably, everyone knows the story of Jesse Pinkman and Walter White. Two guys decided to change their lives for some reason and get rich. Today we have Arjun Shankar who risked everything and tried to do something more with his life like the characters of famous Tv-series. Of course, there was an attempt to create the Monopoly-style game based on this series which was called Methopoly.
In 2015, he leaves behind his job and study to begin working on the board game based on Breaking Bad series. After many versions and 8 months of constant work, the game was ready. Arjun went through a terrific and hard way to achieve his goal. It was not only about the game but also about his family and friends. They couldn’t understand his passion but he kept push on. And now he is on the red carpet in LA, but still, Arjun needs help to publish his game and he met with the cast of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad shoot-off.
BoardGameKing believes that this guy will accomplish his dream and we will keep you informed about this project. Remember to never back down and believe in yourselves!
Faithfully yours, BoardGameKing.

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