World Championship Russian Roulette Kickstarter Preview

World Championship Russian Roulette

There you are on the World Cup in Russian roulette. In this adventurous game of chance you are the leader of your team which is competing for a championship. You will earn points by betting on how many times after pulling the trigger you can survive. Players are receiving one point for every gun misfired. The game includes six phases.
Each player should pass through each phase at the same time. Here they are:

Pocket phase:

Each player chooses one of seven cards and places reverse side on the table.
This card is declared “pocketed”. The player can swindle by placing a bullet card as he has the uncharged gun. Be careful because you can be caught.

Spin phase:

Place remaining cards on Gun Deck side.

Bidding phase:

Flip your dice until it will show the pulls number that you must do.

Challenge phase:

It’s time to catch suspected (cheater) player. You can do it by flipping over your pocket cards and point out which player you are indicted for.
A player who has been caught must show the card which he put out of sight. If they weren’t cheating then you take a special bullet and they take one action card. If cheater convicted rival eliminates one of teammate and you take three action cards.

Trigger phase:

All players hold one hand on the deck and the other at the temple. Then you reveal the card for each number you have bidden. If you reveal a bullet card it is bad. You get a point for every trigger pulled. If you do reveal a bullet, one of your teammates dies but you can get an action card as a severance package.

Point phase:

In case you survive, grab yourself a victory point for every trigger pull.

The game has gained $25,855 up to this point although it was planned only $15,000 so, keep it fund via Kickstarter campaign!
World Championship Russian Roulette by Anthony Burch -- Kicktraq Mini