«Wordwright» Kickstarter Preview


Why can’t interesting and fun board game be educative? Why can’t educative board game be interesting and fun? A sister and a brother from Chicago made a word building board game that is interesting and useful for both English learners and English speakers regardless of age.

It offers a new approach to the most complicated learn English words in an easy way. We can divide any word into a few part. Each part has a constant meaning everywhere we use it. Instead of learning millions of words that you can come across while reading books, speaking or watching films, you can just have a good understanding of the word parts.

It is a set of games, not just one game. There are many games in the same little box. For example, in one game option, players build words from parts simultaneously. The player with the longest word will win the round. For example, if you make up “conceive” and your opponent makes up “misconceive”, he or she will win the round unless you will make up “misconceiving”. You can also make your own games.

These games will be interesting and useful for children and adults, for students and teachers.

The years of boring and tiresome learning are no longer required. If you pledge just five dollars in the Kickstarter campaign, you will have a printable version to make your English perfect! A bigger pledge will offer comprehensive board game sets, hoodies and many other awards.

Wordwright: Build words with meaning -- Kicktraq Mini