Wizards and Unicorns Kickstarter Preview

wizards and unicorns

What would you think if I tell you that unicorns exist? Probably, you will think that I’m insane… but you are going to see something that will completely change your mind! Yes, this is “Wizards and Unicorns” project from kickstarter!

The action takes place in the Magicanopia, where there are a lot of magic creatures and inhabitants like, of course, unicorns, elves and etc. You are one of them and your goal is to take control over the Sigma Stone. To make this possible, you will need to make fans among wizards in Magicanopia.

As for the gameplay, you will need to participate in battles against your foes. As the game continues, the deck is running empty. The game ends, when you have four fans or the deck is empty. There are 56 different cards, which depict many actions and effects, providing you the best opportunity to use as many strategies as you possibly can.

“Wizards and Unicorns” is a fast-paced and wonderfully simple game in a magic setting with familiar creatures and their background. There is all you need in that game, for sure! The kickstarter campaign is on right now and it has gained €1,755 out of the €10,000. There is still time to bring that game to life and only you can help! Step up and back up!

Wizards and Unicorns -- Kicktraq Mini