«Witty Wars» Indiegogo Preview

Witty Wars

The new board game called Witty Wars is luminous both literally and metaphorically. Cards, battle zone, and dice can glow in the dark. You can play all day long and all night long due to the glowing cards. You can play wherever you want because the cards are also magnetic.

The board game is funny and interesting for any age. You can play it being 0 or 5000 years old. In both cases, a player can even meet some familiar people in the game because cards represent historical figures of different ages from ancient times to our time. There are even some Stone Age personalities. We may say that they are historical figures too because it will be troublesome for you to disprove it even if you are an archeologist. The card set for each card has a funny but historically correct description. Is also has a specific count of attack, damage and defense points. You can beat your opponents using these points. In other words, rules of Witty Wars don’t require a lot of wits. They are very simple and funny. Total card count is more than one hundred.