War Titans Kickstarter Preview

Hey, fellas! Do you want some robot fights? Now it’s a good chance to get inside a killing machine in “War Titans: Invaders Must Die”!

This is a co-op board game for 1-4 players where you will have to survive many invaders attacks which controlled by a game mechanics. To survive and to win, you will have to control the war robot which is able stop all the threats! Each of these robots is completely responsible for the whole Humankind fate. All of them have special abilities which are depicted on the Pilot Cards.

As for the monsters, they are of several types like Amphibious, Mechanical, Terrestrial or Flying. And yes, they have their special abilities too and they can make a big challenge for the people on Earth!

The gameplay takes place on Earth where you can find the cities where people can find a shelter from monsters. To protect our planet, you will need to close the Rifts. They are something like portals which are teleporting the monster crowds to Earth. It’s not going to be that easy but don’t be sad because you have a Tech Cards! They can increase the power and abilities of your war robot, so use them wisely!
war titans - board game

“War Titans” did a great success for now as their Kickstarter campaign goes because they already have €27,228 out of their €55,000 goal and there are 28 days before the campaign’s end. This game is worth to be on your table for sure!
War Titans: Invaders Must Die -- Kicktraq Mini