Vengeance Kickstarter Preview


Bloodstained and heavily wounded thug wants to find those who did such a terrible thing to him desperately. He only craves to get even with shady underworld gangs which left him for dead. His determination knows no boundaries.  He is ready to fight to the end and hе knows no mercy. There is a reward which is not the money but a sweet revenge. This is a scary tale about how not to give up even in very rough situations. Heaven knows, how many commandments you are ready to break because you have nothing to lose. In war, there are no taboos.

The characters will get into the massacre with most dangerous crime bosses in order to defeat them.

“Vengeance” is a creepy board game designed by guys who are scary movies fans for real. They have been inspired by movies like Old Boy, Kill Bill, Django Unchained and like. In our point of view, the project has already exceeded all of the expectations. The project team is working hard to please the players and each detail is important. The game has high-quality components like perfectly detailed miniatures and many add-ons. Also, you need to pay attention to brilliant artwork for sure. The game process is very, very clear and the game takes about 30 minutes per player to finish up. Overall, the game seems one of the Quentin Tarantino movies. So, we highly recommend it to all scary movies fans!
vengeance board game

Board game has already exceeded the fund-raising plan and gained $95,211 of a planned $50,000. So, feel free to support the project via Kickstarter, just click on the website link! You can also text a comment about it in the same place.
Vengeance -- Kicktraq Mini