Vanguard of War Kickstarter Preview

vanguard of war

The story is untold until the last word is not said. A writer can’t finish his book until the epilogue is not written. Nothing ends until heart still beating.

There is a small church of the once-thriving civilization being protected by coalition remaining forces. The siege outcome is not clear while the last guard is not perished. A military grouping which has been formed specially to protect the world from demons invasion, is now losing the troops. On fire, in agony, surrounded by demons horde, the church defenders faction carry on to desperately fight for it. They try to hold the line against superior enemy force but it’s not that easy. There’s the hopelessness in the defender’s eyes as they have been abandoned by gods. You will manage the battle and only you can win it not by force but by smart tactics. Everything depends on your strategy. You will deal with many tasks which may seem to be unsolvable, but it is only at first sight. In fact, there is nothing impossible. You just need to think over your plan and do not stray from it. Only you can prevent world collapse. Let the next generations be free! The world’s future is in your hands. Grab your weapon, put your armor on because it is time to beat the demons!

vanguard of war - board

A pleasure to backers, this project has already gained $223,944 although the initial goal was only $45,000. Developers appreciate all the supporters and call upon to invest the project. So you can do this via Kickstarter. Click the link down below!