The Vampire, the Elf and the Cthulhu Kickstarter Preview

The Vampire, the Elf and the Cthulhu

We present you a game by Luca Ricci in which you will make a true fantasy-horror novel. Players are writers who are trying to complete a novel. Each writer has to compete with other writers to include his favorite plots, settings and characters in the story.
This game is playable with 2 to 4 players and takes around 50 minutes. The game will be produced in Italian and English versions. Probably, other language versions will be available in the future.

Every turn each player has 2 actions which are represented by the two action tokens. They can spend them to activate the cards they acquired or to acquire or activate new cards.
Each turn players can acquire new cards on the table. They denote an original idea to include in the novel and it comes in six different colors that represent a main character (red), a secondary character (blue), a place (green), an event (purple), an object (yellow) and an encounter (grey).
But this game is not about storytelling! It is a fast one where few rules create many different strategies and options. It is exciting and thrilling but you have to think over your next step before playing!
This project is available for USA, Canada, EU, Australia, New Zealand, China, Korea, Japan and Israel backers.
The Vampire, the Elf and the Cthulhu - board game
The Vampire, the Elf and the Cthulhu gained €8,117 out of €8,000! Feel free to support this game on Kickstarter campaign and create your own story. Who knows, maybe it will be a best-seller!
The Vampire, the Elf and the Cthulhu -- Kicktraq Mini
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