Turin Market Kickstarter Preview

Turin Market

This has happened in Turin of the 18th century. That time, the biggest city of the Piedmont on the bank of Po River was also the capital of Italy. Millions of merchants brought their goods here from entire Eurasia in their sweet dreams of the prosperity. There is a square in the center of the town. On this massive marketplace market, an enormous hive hummed on. In your last life or before it, you were trading on this square. Paving the road onto the top of Italian society for you and your family has taken a lot of bluffing, loans, and tricks. But you were able to prove that your family deserves a better life. Would you like to repeat this again?

Turin Market Auction

Turin Market is a fast-paced economic board game for 2-5 players by Jordan Draper. It may take from 10 to 30 minutes to play. Gameplay is rather easy. Everybody starts with 15 coins called Scudo and a few cards. Each card depicts three units of one merchandise, two units of the second one, and a single unit of the third merchandise. Each player reveals one card and then a bid simultaneously. To do so, players hold their bidding chips in closed fists before this. As soon as the players reveal their bids, the highest bidder receives the most cards and chooses the first card from the pool. The lowest bidder receives no prize but pays half of his bid to enter the auction. This sequence of silent auctions continues until the end of the game. Between the rounds, players can buy and sell items for Scudo coins. In the end, players receive the payouts. For example, the player with the most grapes receives six Scudo from the bank and one Scudo from each player with fewer grapes.

Turin Market Sketch