Thornwatch Kickstarter preview


“Thornwatch” takes us to the fantasy world known as Eyrewood forest. This game is the results of hard work which took years. It has a good balance between RPG and pick-up-and-play mechanics. In the gameplay, you will take the role of the “Thornwatch” – the Eyrewood guardians order. This place is full of danger and magic spirits and only you’re the only person responsible for the story making. The game leads us through the Eyrewood forests, swamps and villages. This is a truly visually captivating game where you are able to make your own story. What else to be desired?

As for the game’s core engine, it is presented by the momentum system. It determines the turn order, gives health to particular monsters, encourages players to work as a team to reach their common objective. Moreover, it provides fast paced battles with everchanging priorities.

The gameplay depends on the Judge who chooses a story board with a whole plot which an end and beginning. The other players will need to choose one of five guardians of the Thornwatch who are the Blade, the Greenheart, the Guard, the Sage and the Warden. Then, players will have to deal with challenge. If they players accomplish this challenge, the Judge suggests one of three paths – two of them lead to the new storyboards and one is for an immediate ending of the storyboard. Each storyboard shows a fragment of Eyrewood mystery and the Thornwatch.

“Thornwatch” is available via Kickstarter and also you can download it as a print-and-play using this link. It has all the cards, pawns and maps which are essential to play. Moreover, you will be provided with the PDF-manual. This game has already gained a fantastic sum of $313,462 out of their goal of 78,000$ and backers are still arriving. It’s time for you to reveal the mystery of the Thornwatch and Eyrewood forest!
Thornwatch -- Kicktraq Mini