This War of Mine Kickstarter Preview

this war of mine

Imagine, all that you once had has ceased to exist in a moment. You are in decline. Your hometown is ruined by a military, a government is on the run, people, who have survived after bombing have to hide in a bomb shelter. Is it a nightmare? Maybe this is only tabletop game.
this war of mine - board game
Events of this fully engage brand new game set in the war-torn city. You handled a group of civilians who are fighting for survival. To survive, they have to do some disgusting things. Moral game aspects are fundamental at all the times. They are touching the meaningful topic. The game process designed in the way that moves will never be the same. There are miniatures and collectible elements in a game created by a well-known studio “Awaken Realms” which has vast experience. Also, plaything has a special save mode that will give you an opportunity to save game progress. Cut a long story short, it is hard to pass by. You have surrounded by thugs who know no mercy. Will you survive between rock and hard place?
The game has already gained £ 595,246 although the goal was only £ 40 000. So, what are you waiting for? Become one of the backers to speed up this release!
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