The Networks Kickstarter Preview

The Networks

The Networks is the board game where you are going to build a TV network with the maximum possible count of viewers. But in the beginning, all that you have besides your ambition is three awful shows and a small amount of money. Earning more money, you will gradually improve your network by starting better shows, inviting stars, and promoting your advertising campaign. And you are not the only TV network in town. Your competitors are watching you during each step. They do their best to beat the shows you want to gain. If you make a mistake, your network will be on the edge of bankruptcy. Another problem is ‘aging’ of the shows. Each turn, they lose their popularity, so you should replace them with newer ones as soon as you can do it.
The game set was “sanded and ground” for five years until the game became as smooth and easy to learn as possible. But in addition to it, you can use extra cards. The board game normally goes with an additional set of advanced cards. Add them to the deck to make the game more interesting if you master it. The Networks can be played by from 1 to 5 players with the same great interest.

The game designers strongly need your support. Only with your help, the game will be born. Join the Kickstarter campaign of The Networks.

The Networks: A tabletop strategy game for 1-5 TV executives -- Kicktraq Mini