“The Banner Saga: Warbands” Kickstarter Preview

The Banner Saga: Warbands

Banner Saga: Warbands is a cooperative asymmetric game from MegaCon Games. Two to four players will try on the roles of the most influential Viking leaders during the war campaign. Quartermaster is in charge of supplies. Thane is a person who inspires warriors and influences the results of battles thanks to his oratorical skills. Warmaster is in charge of morale and training of warriors. Keeper of Names is responsible for the entire warbands. Every one of them should sometimes aggressively push their decisions and sometimes seek a compromise with other players for the good of the Warband. There are special city action and special camp action associated with each one of them. Together, they should take uneasy decisions in order to lead the warbands across the battlefields all over the map.

Any true Viking would appreciate many glorious battles in the game. There is neither randomizing factor nor sluggish sequences of actions. Ever a skirmish takes less than 10 minutes of real time. With no dice involved, you can only rely on your tactics during the battle. Of course, not everyone will survive the battle. The Valkyries will sing glorification songs above the ruins and corpses. If you like this highly detailed and truly asymmetric Viking style game, join the Kickstarter campaign of the Banner Saga: Warbands!

The Banner Saga -- Kicktraq Mini

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