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Tales of Arcana

Welcome to the border areas of a grand Empire of the planet of Genesis where 14 fantasy races will face each other. Merfolk, Elves, Devilkins, Dwarves, Gorgons, and even Puppets have their own features. In this planet, where the wild magic is subject to sell and buy, your character can use multiple spells of 11 magic schools and knock down your enemies with the brutal force of arrows, swords, and war hammers.

The game randomly forms your character by 6 cards. The narrative DNA will consist of 1 Race card, 1 Class card, 1 Trait card, 1 Armament card and 2 Ability cards (or 3 Ability cards and no Armament cards). In this world, every crazy combination is possible. For instance, you may be a Vampire playing lute and suffering of narcolepsy or a Sasquatch druid who experiences the midlife crisis.

Tales of Arcana - Cards

The gameplay may be an adventure or a multi-session campaign that might last several weeks. You might be good or evil. You might start the game in a local tavern, in a dungeon – wherever you want. It is all up to you. The board provides the situation and your cards representing your strengths and weaknesses, produce resulting effects.

If you like these ideas, you should support the game in the Kickstarter campaign here.

Tales of Arcana: Roleplaying Card Game -- Kicktraq Mini

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