Super Powered Smash Masters Kickstarter Preview

super powered smash masters

Comic books are taking over the world now with Marvel and DC movies. We can see this fiction world on the big screens and feel the spirit of heroic battles and the greatest stories. Today we have a board game for you which will lead you into the new superheroes universe. It is called “Super Powered Smash Powers”!

In that game, you will find classic comic book battles with attacks using superpowers and crazy plot twists won’t be boring! Moreover, “Super Powered Smash Masters” provides a huge number of funny characters and wonderful artwork!

Super Powered Smash Masters - heroes

As for the rules, they are quite easy to figure out. First, you need to choose 9 toughest and bravest heroes and then 50 non-heroes cards which introduce your superheroes. Now, it’s time for set-up! Lay 3 hero-cards    and take 5 cards from the 50 non-heroes card deck into your hand. And last, but not least is to use your smash cards, superpowers and etc. to bring down your enemies! Of course, the full rules can be found on the kickstarter campaign main page. And yes, they are described in a video which is much better! Even more better, you can find rules here.super powered smash masters - in the box

To cut the long story short, “Super Powered Smash Masters” is hilariously funny and entertaining card game which is strongly recommended by BoardGameKing to make your weekend superheroic! It is already gained $3,320 out of the $18,000 goal and it’s time to smash it up! Oh, sorry, to back it up, of course…
Super Powered Smash Masters -- Kicktraq Mini