Sub Terra Kickstarter Preview

sub terra

Fear is just body’s defense mechanism and if you are afraid, you still alive. Life is a choice between activity and inertness. Those who act will always be forward. Difficulties make you stronger! That is what this game about. You do not even know what astonishing world is hiding underground. The world is full of beasts lurking in the dark. The world is full of obstacles and labyrinths on the way to the light. This is the dark road towards to the darkness shelter and back to the sun. Keep your eyes open in this frightening place. Think over every step together with your teammates as the game is fully cooperative. In this game, team actions are crucial and if you really want to escape from the dungeon you will have to be communicative. It is impossible to adapt to these conditions, therefore, you’d better try to escape until it is too late. To pass the quest, you also need to be patient and plodding. Just focus on your goal, beat all the monsters and find a way out. In the hostile environment surrounded by disgusting monsters there, the only weapon is your intellect.

The events, which will occur with your characters in the game, are not likely to happen someday but it could beware you from some unpleasant situations, which take place in real life. Remember that unlike the game, there are many unpleasant events waiting for you. So, you have a great chance to stop afraid if it is! Take this game off the store shelves, learn how to play and be ready for thrilling adventure in the underworld!

A pleasure to all the backers, this game has already gained £113,342 although original goal was only £16,500. Developers call upon to feel free to invest the project. So you can do this via Kickstarter. Click the link down below!

Sub Terra: a Cooperative Survival Horror Game for 1-6 Cavers -- Kicktraq Mini