«Steamcraft» Kickstarter Preview


Steamcraft is a steampunk card-based board game. In addition to the original subject, the game has mechanics unlike the most deck building card games (like battle and sabotage). For example in the battle mode, rules of the game drastically change. Units start attacking each other. An economic strategy turns into a wargame. All the game takes place in a world of Cobalt where brass became the most valuable resource.

You are a director of a powerful corporation. You are one of those five richest people ruling the entire world. Like other players, you start with one mining platform, three union workers, and seven clerks. Striving to collect a lot of brass, you optimize your workforce. During the game, you can use the resources gathered by your employees to hire more employees, build more technical units and buildings. In the end, the player with the most brass wins. Labor and construction points along with brass are essential resources of Cobalt. Every employee and each unit have their cost in these items. However, you cannot survive until the end of the game just gathering resources. Your opponents will use espionage, sabotage and rides against you. So will you.

Do you like steampunk style and the game above? If yes, join the Kickstarter campaign of Steamcraft.

Steamcraft: A Steampunk Deckbuilding Card Game -- Kicktraq Mini