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In a distant future, people are not to be fighters anymore. Modern robots are strong enough to make war alone. Robots fully replace people of the battlefield. However, it doesn’t mean that people can’t influence the situation. There is one invisible and powerful weapon against the processor core of the robot: programming codes. A skilled hacker can enter an electronic brain of a robot and destroy it… or make it stronger.

Src:Card is a card game for any person who likes (or at least does) programming. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t start the game without programming skills. Its rules are rather easy and highlight the basic concepts of programming and hacking. During the game, every player uses his cards to both reinforce his cybernetic core by adding firewalls and nodes and defeat that of his opponent. There are three types of cards used. They represent bugs, methods, and structures. When a player overcomes 8-card threshold, he is ready to attack. On this stage, the battle of artificial intelligence shows the winner. Like many times before, a cunning human mind prevails over the brute force of silicon and steel.

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Src:Card (Card Game) - Write Code, Defeat the Robots -- Kicktraq Mini

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