Special Committee Kickstarter Preview

Politics is the greatest game ever invented by human. It’s interesting and exciting though it can be quite dirty. It is full of intrigues, lies and cheating but it’s worth it! Politics means power and power means money and fame! So, why not to get your hands dirty for a little bit? “Special Committee” by James Taylor gives you such an opportunity!

That game is full of bluffing and unknown identities of the Current US Politicians. First of all, each player takes two Senator Cards kept in secret and then they will need to pass legislation. This is quite important for the Senators they have, but if other players guess all of your Senators and accuse you correctly, they can knock you out of the game.
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So, why the “Special Committee” was developed in the first place? As it is said on the kickstarter project campaign main page, developers wanted to make people more curious about politics because it’s better to participate then to just walk pass by. The Massive Millenials Poll shows, that there are 77% of people who don’t know their home senators. They didn’t remember even one of them! So, it means that we need to change these numbers!
special comitee - card game
“Special Committee” has gained $28,019 out of the $65,000 goal. There is some time to make the difference. The future depends fully on you!
Unfortunely fundidng period was ended.

Special Committee - A Politcal Strategy Tabletop Game -- Kicktraq Mini