Spaceman Adventures Kickstarter Preview

spaceman adventure

Space wars and Space adventures are quite popular either in board games and movies nowadays. It is an almost infinite setting to explore for developers and directors and now we would like to show a new project from kickstarter called “Spaceman Adventures” by Brian Powers. Let’s have a closer look at it!

This is a strategy board game for 3 or more players which was designed in 2012. The wild alien planet called Tronoe-17 explored quite valuable power crystals that can bring a lot of treasures. The Galaxia Federation and Solari Alliance are sending the expeditions to the surface to obtain these crystals but of course it’s not that simple. The planet is crowded by the Slimezoids, a disgusting and dangerous alien race. You will need a lot of courage to win!

As for the game play, it is based on so called “bimatrix game” where treasures are one player chooses the row and the other one chooses the column but it’s not that simple because there are a lot of intrigues in this process. Your strategy depends fully on prognosis of what your opponents want to do and what think they will do. The goal is to get as much points as it’s possible for Blue and Red Commander both.

So, it’s quite an interesting strategy with unusual playing mechanics where you will need to think over your next step. It has gained $1,151 out of $3,000 via kickstarter and you still have 22 days to bring the game alive and take all the crystals from Slimezoids!
Spaceman Adventure -- Kicktraq Mini