Space Race Kickstarter Preview

Space Race’s setting takes place in the first seven decades of the space conquest. Players take roles of newly established Space Agencies directors whose goal is to expand their influence and to reach the scientific progress.

space race - prototype

One of the significant game features is a wonderful artwork! 58 unique illustrations will catch your eye since the very start! For any updates, you can check out all the artwork in here.

To win this game, you will have to use as more strategies as it takes. Developers worked hard to provide the unique game mechanics to make sure every action can be unpredictable!

Though this game could be a complex, the box is pretty small. There are no extra boxes, everything you need is just your pocket!

space race - cards

Inside the Box

  • Unique Leader cards (10) and Propaganda Actions cards (14);
  • Space Program cards (24);
  • (24);
  • Unique Breakthrough cards (12);
  • Customised Control Cards for each of four factions (12);
  • Player’s Aid cards (4);
  • Initiative Marker;
  • Rulebook

It is worth to mention that Space Race has the multi-language support, but it will be printed only in English and rulebooks, cards and other stuff will be available for downloading. Space Race gained €56,617 out of €22,500 goal on Kickstarter campaign! You can purchase it and support the campaign using this link.