«Space Cats» Kickstarter Preview

Space Cats

Have you ever looked in your pet’s eyes? If you have looked there, then you should know that the cats have always dreamt of ruling the world. But you are mistaken because the world is not enough for a cat. The time to take the universe for cats is yet to come. And they will hold it tightly in their fluffy paws. If you can’t stop it, at least you can have a lot of fun while playing the Space Cats board game where the cats fight against each other for the universe.

Welcome to the war against other cats for stars and planets. To win, use your spaceships, monsters, and your manpower… Sorry, I want to say ‘your cat power’. You can choose your character between the Mage Cat, the Science Cat, the Alien Cat and the Pirate Cat. The Mage is the most aggressive character in the game as it can evolve and attack faster than other players. The Science Cat is his opposite as he has weak cards in the beginning but can gain a lot of power at the end of the game. The Alien Cat has a lot of powerful and sudden types of attack and the Pirate is the coolest character of the board game. He’s able to use his enemies’ strength against them. And there is one more character that is still being developed. You can help to make it and to run the board game by your donations in the Kickstarter campaign. Join the campaign!

Project cancelled

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