«Soccer City» Kickstarter Preview

Soccer City

Soccer City is a real invention in the board game industry. Gonzalo Rodrigo and Lisandro Nembrini are two simple guys who like football and board games. They came up with a brilliant idea of a game where every action and situation possible in the real football match is available. Everything is possible after three years of work under the game. Dribbles, tackles, tactics, yellow cards, shots, goals, external factors, arbitrariness of the arbiter (sorry for this tautology) and even… the very miracle called the goalkeeper save that may turn any match upside down. The game is completely different each time you play. Thus, this game is a complete football simulator.

Jorge Consuegra has designed the Soccer City to make it resemble the football games played in the early twentieth century. His design includes playing field, two teams of players (22 pawns), 165 cards, two tactical pads for defense and attack, scoreboard, die representing the arbiter’s actions and, of course, the ball.

After all 22 players take their places on the field, the game starts and goes turn by turn. Each offensive turn includes ball passing with player advancing, offensive actions, shots on the goal and team repositioning. Each defensive turn includes just a defensive action and a repositioning. Isn’t it the real football requiring, however, no special skills from you?

Any donation from your side is rewarded in a different way regarding its size. You can get print-and-play links, 3D miniatures of the players instead of pawns. You can even see your face on a card for a game that is sold worldwide as a result of your donation. Please go to the Kickstarter campaign page here and make your donation.

SOCCER CITY, the strategy board game for football lovers -- Kicktraq Mini