«Soccer 17» Kickstarter Preview

Soccer 17

Soccer 17 is a board game about soccer for two players where you should forecast actions of your opponent.

To start the game, you should put field card, timer card, and start card onto the table. Every player takes four identical action cards. Then every player plays one card. If the defender can overbid the attacker, it’s the turnover. Otherwise, the attacker can move the ball one position forward. If the ball position allows it, the superiority of the attacker will make a shot on goal or a bonus to it. You can also tackle. But do not forget that it’s a very risky action.

Do you doubt that this simple game can be funny? Just start playing it. And you won’t really mention when you start shouting “Goal!!!” The rules of the game use only 17 cards and the game is played for 17 minutes. And if you want to put this game onto your bookshelf, all that you should donate is not even 17 but 13 US dollars. The game is shipped all over the world. You can find and support the game campaign page here.

Soccer 17 -- Kicktraq Mini

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