Siege of the Citadel Kickstarter Preview

siege of the citadel

Today we’re going to present you a reboot of a famous miniature board game called “Siege of the Citadel”. In this case, reboot means not only the miniatures remake but also the rules balancing. The first edition was developed by Richard Borg and now he is back to bring this renewed bestseller to life!

“Siege of the Citadel” 1st edition was published in the 1990s by Pressman Toys. This game brought to us many innovative features like character development, co-op gameplay and etc. The gameplay takes place during the Great War between the Dark Legion and the human armies which are under command of Cardinal Durand and the DoomTroopers.siege of the citadel miniatures

As for the game’s content, it is full of miniatures and there’s going to be even more of them. The more you pledge – the more content will be unlocked for you to play! As the developers claim, the graphic on their kickstarter campaign page is updating, so you can how the pledges run.

In “Siege of the Citadel” there are five playable factions – Bauhaus, Imperial, Capitol, Mishima or Cybertronic. Each of them has their own characteristics which you should use depending on the situation. By the way, there is also an opportunity to play as the Dark Legion to protect the Alakahi’s Citadel and to spread the darkness all over the Solar System. Which side will you choose? You can have a lot of fun and experience by playing both sides – good and evil.

“Siege of the Citadel” is already pledged with $137,730 out of $60,000 goal. Continue to back this project and you will see more miniatures and other stuff. Just follow the link and make your contribution in the board game industry. See you all later!
Siege of the Citadel - 2nd Edition Techno Fantasy Boardgame -- Kicktraq Mini