Side Quest Kickstarter Preview

Side Quest

Side Quest is a classic fantasy board game about the dungeon assault. Many characters with magic and battle skills will intrude the stronghold of evil. The good must win.

If you are looking for a pocket game with easy and interesting rules and adjustable difficulty, the Side Quest will be the best choice. One, two, three or four players can play the game. Ten minutes will be enough to learn the rules and enjoy the game for 30-120 minutes every time you play. The game duration depends on the count our side quests you take. The small and portable it is, you can replay it many times. There is a lot of variety in a little box. The game is fully cooperative. Playing together with your friends is a key to the victory.

Each turn, players can attack, cast spells, trade. Three actions are available in one turn. There are many of objectives in the game like killing the boss, finding the key to the next level and saving damsels from death. Every character and enemy have a unique set of parameters. Game designers have duly them adjusted during the year of play testing. Now, these designers need your help. Join the Kickstarter campaign and support the Side Quest.

Side Quest - Pocket Adventures -- Kicktraq Mini

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