Shuffle Heroes Kickstarter Preview

Shuffle Heroes

Shuffle Heroes is a Czech game where Lovecraftian horrors and dark steampunk fantasy are united together to offer you an action where you can eliminate your enemies. There are six so-called heroes in the game. Every one of them has his own skills. And every hero is a part of the universe of prehistoric horror where science and magic coexist and life costs nothing.

The rules of Shuffle Heroes are not very complicated. You can either replenish your hand or play your cards in each turn. The game continues until one player destroys both characters another player either by reducing their health points or by making them run out of their cards.

The game will be available in three languages: English, German, Czech. It takes 25 minutes to play. The game design involves two players. When you play Shuffle Heroes, you take two character cards and shuffle them. It provides a lot of possible combinations in an easy way. This game has an original feature of mechanics called deck deconstruction. During the game, you can ‘destroy’ cards from your opponent’s deck. This decision strongly influences the next turns of your opponent.

Shuffle Heroes has its campaign on the Kickstarter. You can help its funding.

Shuffle Heroes -- Kicktraq Mini