«Shadowfist: Year of the Goat» Kickstarter Preview

Shadowfist: Year of the Goat

Another multiplayer and fast board game called «Shadowfist: Year of the Goat».

«Shadowfist» is the Hong Kong-style action card game. It is so awesome that you can realize that you watch the John Woo film with a cast like Jackie Chan and many others. The thing is that it is just first five minutes of game play!

It’s one of the greatest multiplayer card games that have been ever created. It has the astonishing balance, funny game process, and also the rule set is really fast to understand! This game also has realistic gameplay and all players are always interacting into the game!

«Shadowfist» is the greatest experience and it has a lot of dynamics. Also, there are some options for the third player. He can launch an ongoing attack while joining in against the target or he can intercept and support the defender. With such constant interactions, «Shadowfist» is a brilliant game of intrigues and politics.

Kickstarter’s campaign provides a lot of benefits for supporters like additional card packs, deck bags and many other features! You can support this project here! So, go ahead!

Shadowfist: Year of the Goat -- Kicktraq Mini