SECTOR 6 Kickstarter Preview

sector 6

The future sometimes doesn’t look so good in our imagination. There can be a lot of wars, conflicts and people have to survive this all. Just imagine that you are deprived of everything you can’t do without – freedom, food, your rights and even oxygen! So, “SECTOR 6” is the game where you will have to collect as much oxygen as you possibly can. Otherwise, you will die.

The action takes place in the stellar prison called Obliti where the budget is so small that inmates can hardly survive. Sector 6 welcomes all of the newcomers to run-through the complex labyrinth… This is here the race for your life begins! Here and only here you can find the oxygen and you’ll need to be faster and smarter than your opponents to collect the most of the oxygen. Of course, if you want to live until tomorrow! Only by being the cleverest player, you will be able to get through the mechanical labyrinth to your target and collect as much as possible.

As for the gameplay, it has 6 modes from the easiest to the hardest one, so you can adjust to whatever you feel. Also, there are 8 high-quality miniatures and 32 oxygen tokens which you will find great-designed for sure and the rules are quite simple! You can look them up in the youtube video and learn them in 15 minutes or even less.

“SECTOR 6” is already pledged via kickstarter with a good result of $34,222 out $9,006. It’s time to order the game and challenge yourself in the race for survival!