«Secret Hitler» Kickstarter Preview

Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler board game shows the political situation in Germany before Hitler took over the country. You can easily distinguish portraits of Hitler and fascists for they have faces of miserable and slippery creatures like reptiles and amphibians. The game in no way glamorizes the fascism and ethnic hatred (if you don’t deem reptiles and amphibians glamorous). It satirizes it.

Like Mafia or Werewolf, Secret Hitler is a party game about the conflict between the informed minority and the uninformed majority.

Secret Hitler - Roles

The cold-blooded minority that is aware of each other represents fascists. Their objective is to install slippery Hitler while the liberals strive to reveal and destroy him and pull Germany back from the brink of war. Each round, players elect a President and a Chancellor. Together, they will enact new laws from the random card deck. If their laws propagate fascism, other players decide whether this is an evil conspiracy or a bad luck. In addition, if a fascist policy passes, the President also may investigate a player’s party, execute him, check a card deck or succeed his power to another player. The Liberals will win if they pass five liberal policies. The Fascists will win if they either pass six fascist policies or elect Secret Hitler a Chancellor.

Change the history and stop Hitler from building his empire before the Second World War has started in a new Werewolf-like party board game with much more interesting rules. Join the Kickstarter campaign.

Secret Hitler -- Kicktraq Mini

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