Search and Survive Kickstarter Preview

search and survive

Are you ready to crush some zombie bones and skulls with your friends? Prepare your weapons! In “Search and Survive” you take the role of warriors who are struggling against the living dead. This is a cooperative board game with a deck building mechanics. The action itself takes place in a zombie-crowded world which is called The Wasteland. In the gameplay you will need to accomplish a lot of different tasks like searching food, weapons and etc.

The game is quite unusual in the context of the genre. There are exclusive features like dice rolling to perform the attacks, using of the only one currency and many varieties of abilities for each survivor. For instance, the Medic can bring more damage while the Scrapper is great at melee combat and so on.
search and survive - cards
Of course, the tactics are crucial for your survival in this game. You will have to plan your actions ahead and work as a team to rescue survivors. Staying alive as long as you possibly can is the key to survive the zombie attacks and achieving the team objectives. As for the objectives, there are multiple of them to choose from. Objectives can be like searching particular equipment or supplies. Remember that the whole group is involved to achieve all of the objectives!

There are many board games with such a setting with zombies and survivors but we are pretty sure that “Search and Survive” is innovative and replayable. It has gained $1,075 out of the $18,000 goal. Kickstarter campaign is on and you can support the project by your funds – you just need to click on the link and prepare all your weapons and courage to survive!

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