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Let us introduce a new strategic board game called Scythe. For the beginning, we want to inform you that any supporter of the Kickstarter campaign for Scythe has a full money-back guarantee. You can return the game in 1 month after its receipt (opened or unopened) to get your money back including the return shipment cost. The game designers are so kind because they know that you will love this board game at the first sight – as soon as you open the box. Judge for yourself…

The Scythe is both realistic in its game mechanics and fabulous in its subject. In the world of Scythe, the lifestyle of the early XX century interacts with technologies of future. The action takes place after a great war around a monstrous Factory. The Factory that has once produced many destructive machines is now silent. Fires and ruins separate its massive buildings from the outer world. However, five strongest nations of Eastern Europe sends their legendary leaders towards the Factory. Each one of them has its animal companion, a few territories and four battle machines. Polania, Saxon Empire, Crimea, Nordic Kingdoms and Russian-Vietnamese Union will fight to control the Factory and adjacent territories.

There are up to five players on the board and four strategic approaches: explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate. In each step, you can do two actions drawn in the player’s mat. Gradually, you gather resources, build, enlist and upgrade. Doing this, you increase your benefits and decrease your costs. You keep your resources in the territories of the board. You own resources as long as you own territories. The battle starts as one player decides so. Losing units retreat. Your success also depends on the way you interact with your people on the land and fulfil your secret quests. Beautiful metal coins represent your money. In the end, the nation with the most money wins.

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