Rudaea Kickstarter Preview

rudaea tcg

Fantasy setting is a huge area for creating and developing whole lot of different board games. Today, we will present you the brand new game from kickstarter called Rudaea Trading Card Game which will take into the most unforgettable trip of your dreams! It’s time to immerse into Rudaea universe.

The original mechanics and amazing ideas breathe a new life into the trading card game genre. It’s a fast-paced, funny and easy to learn and it suits for both experienced card game players and for people who want to experience something new. It’s possible to fight eye-to-eye in a furious battle against your friends by using powerful sorcerers, dragons, fantasy monsters, soldiers and etc. You will have to fight them with your own tactics and spells while you can see totally wonderful artworks from many genius artists!

Moreover, the accessibility is quite significant in this project. It is known, that it’s rather difficult to purchase a new game when the cards are expensive. There will always be cards that can be more expensive than others though, but Rudaea suggests the decks limit. There is a maximum of two copies for any decks, which includes individual Common, Uncommon, Rare card and only one Epic card copy.
rudaea - card

To say even more about the cards, many TCGs have a lot of “filler” cards to make each set finished. The great idea of Rudaea is that each card has a purpose in the gameplay and the team worked out on this issue perfectly! When one card can be better than another one, Rudaea provides the crucial role for each card to play. “Rudaea” is now available through kickstarter campaign and it has gained 535 CA$ of 75,000 CA$. There is still a chance to support the project which brings a lot of fun and fantasy to your board gaming experience, so it’s time to make a contribution!