ROME: Antony & Caesar Kickstarter Preview


Rome… One of the greatest civilizations ever been created and destroyed. What do we know about it? Julius Caesar, Nero, Caligula… They ruled the Rome wisely and sometimes violently, but still they are the greatest dictators and emperors of all times. Now, we present you a cool opportunity to see them on the custom made card deck to bring the new card gaming experience. This is “ROME: Antony & Caesar”!

These decks were designed by talented and creative guy, whose name is Randy Butterfield. As he says, he always liked rich colors, unusual outfits and dramatic history. Moreover, the Ancient Rome setting has always been one of his favorite ones.

The decks themselves are going to be printed by Legends Playing Cards Co. The thing is that the game will take you to the time periods of the First and Second Triumvirates. It’s time to learn some history, guys! Julius Caesar has become the Dictator when he destroyed Pompey the Great. This was the end of the First Triumvirate. As for the Second Triumvirate, it ended when Octavian killed Mark Antony & Cleopatra. Then, he became the first Emperor of Rome. He is also known as Augustus.

“ROME: Antony & Caesar” is not only a colorful deck of cards with a great design. It really makes you to learn more about the Rome’s history and its greatest Emperors and Dictators. Why not to back this project on kickstarter? You still have the time to do this! The game is already pledged with $19,522 out of $12,000, so the Rubicon is crossed and there is only the Victory ahead. Well done!
ROME: Antony & Caesar Playing Cards -- Kicktraq Mini