«Roadkill Rivals» Kickstarter Preview

RoadKill Rivals Board Game

Hey, guys! It’s nice to see you again! Today we are going to take a look at 5 another board games kickstarter campaigns. First one is «Roadkill Rivals» by «Pygmy Giraffe Games»!

This game has a very fast gameplay! Playing time is something about 15-20 minutes and it’s also easy to learn how to play!

Players have to make card combinations and use animal cards to perform road kills and sabotage the other player’s tactics.

RoadKills Rivals

The freeway is dangerous and you should watch out for police raids, explosives on the road and many other events. This game is going to be printed on cardstock of high quality! This will give the cards more strength, durability, and shuffling. The custom box includes 68 cards and the rules sheet.

The artworks are created by Josh, Colby, and Brett at Jolby & Friends. This is a studio which is situated in Portland, Oregon. They’ve made a lot of works for Google, Nike, Disney, and etc. Now they’re a part of the «Roadkill Rivals» team.

This game will definitely add some new feelings in your spare time! You can support it in here!

ROADKILL RIVALS: An Animal vs Vehicle Multiplayer Card Game -- Kicktraq Mini